Life’s curve balls…

So it has been months since I have last blogged….. I have very much fallen guilty to not blogging when things are going well! Life is going well, although as ever it likes to send some curve balls.

I’m settled in my new job at BGL. In April I bought my first house and am loving having my own space (probably as much as my dad is loving having his!) The decorating/furnishing is very much still a working progress, but we are getting there!

Unfortunately just as life is starting to fall back into place my health hits it apparent 2 year cycle….. On Tuesday I paid my 3 monthly visit to Kings Hospital where it was flagged that my platelets had dropped to under 100. The decision was made to take a bone marrow biopsy to  determine the root cause, with the hope it was just going to be a blip.

On Thursday afternoon I received the phone call from my consultant telling me that it isn’t a blip and actually my cancer has returned. We are awaiting the full results of the biopsy over the next week or so, but we know it definitely isn’t a blip.

The good news is that we believe we have caught it in the early stages of relapse. This means we should be able to treat it with outpatient chemotherapy drug called azacitidine which I have had before. This will be combined with some top up cells from my donor to try and wipe out the cancer.

Emotionally this has all come as a massive shock to be honest. I’ve been so well and haven’t had any symptoms other than bruising and more frequent headaches, but nothing that would have been a real red flag. I don’t yet feel upset or angry. I think I’ve accepted it, although I’m not sure how real it all feels just yet. Think it will need some time to digest.

My plan is to continue as normal for as long as possible and just take each day as it comes. Treatment will start once communication has properly occurred between Kings and my local hospital and they have fully decided the POA!

4 thoughts on “Life’s curve balls…

  1. Sarah Carroll

    I never stop thinking about you, Emma, and I know you and those fantastic medical professionals will nail those cells; like you say – they’ve caught them early. You’re in safe hands. Wow on the new house and newish job front… good things come in threes and you zapping those cells is the lucky number three. There’s a whole heap of people rooting for you. Just be kind to yourself, always; one day at a time.

    Love & luck.
    Sarah & family xxxxx

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  2. Diana Lockyer

    Oh dear so sorry to read this devastating news. Life seemed to be going so well with the new job & new house. You have been so positive & courageous. Let’s hope the doctors are able to treat this setback. Lots of love Diana & Pete xxx

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  3. Chris Onions

    Emma – you are amazing. Good to hear about your job and your house. We still remember with fondness your holiday visits to Cornwall and Brittany with Robert and your dad and over the years, we have continued to follow your news with interest.

    Sorry to hear about the ‘curve ball’ but if anyone can put this cancer back in its box – you can, with the help of your brilliant team.

    Love and best wishes

    Chris and Rowie

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  4. Sarah Reakes

    Emma I’m so sorry you’re having this set back but as has been said you’re in the best hands possible at Kings & the good thing is it’s been caught early.

    You’re a fighter & that’s what has carried you through & you’ve helped so many people by your inspirational attitude to your illness.

    I had my six monthly check last Wednesday & as I have been feeling pretty rubbish over recent weeks I’d made up my mind my bloods were going to be rubbish as well but in fact they were fine. The point I’m making is that you’re always in a state of apprehension when you’ve had a transplant even though I’m now three years on especially when you’re told it’s not considered a cure until you hit five years.

    Life’s a roller coaster & you’ve ridden them so brilliantly so far I have every faith you’ll beat this one. You have some amazing family, friends & fellow patients all rooting for you.

    My prayers & thoughts are with you Emma.

    Sarah xxx

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