Money makes the world go around

Finances and cancer…..

Not always something widely spoken about. I don’t think people realise how difficult finances can be when you get sick. I have been very lucky. I have had the support of a fantastic company and managers in Aimia, Private health care cashback system, and most importantly the support of my family. Others aren’t so lucky – and frankly I have no idea how they cope!! Especially those with children too.

So you get sick…..You can’t work…. Your company gives you sick pay for aslong as they legally have to…. If you are lucky (like I was) you might get a bit longer….. You are then on statutory sick pay….. £90 a week…. £90 a week!!

Of course you are entitled to more benefits, but who knows what they are and how to apply for them??? Who do you ask???

I managed to get ESA benefit, but was denied PIP. I know many people in much worse off positions than me being denied PIP too.

My critical health insurance through work refused to pay out because apparently my first stem cell transplant was the “cause” of my second. And because the first one was before my policy started they wouldn’t cover me.

So with all this in mind how do you look to the future?? I have recently made the decision to purchase a house (with the help from daddy of course!!), but this hasn’t been without some pretty hefty thinking!

Who knows if I might get sick again in 6 months time, 2 years, or not until I’m 80?!?!

I’m now working for a new company who might not be as lenient on sick pay allowances as they don’t yet know me well. I haven’t got any private health to give out cashback. I can’t get critical health cover or life insurance as I can’t afford the premiums…….If I get ill then I almost certainly won’t be able to pay the mortgage and what happens then?!?!

And then another part of me thinks…. if there is a possibility I might get sick again do I want to tie myself down to a mortgage?? Why not instead go see the world?? Make the most of any time I’ve got. (Pretty morbid I know, but I imagine you all know what I mean) OR do I want to spend my life working for corporate companies so I can have a salary that will mean I can afford the mortgage?

When you are ill you shouldn’t have to be stressing about finances!

How has money and sickness effected you? What are your views on the system? Is there enough help out there to tell you what you are entitled to?




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