Brain in overdrive!!

It was my 3 monthly check up on tuesday at Kings. Just the standard long wait in Golden Jubilee for blood tests….. and then the standard long wait in Haemotology to be seen by the docs….. and then the standard outcome that the blood results weren’t ready when seen by the doctor (due to the long wait in Golden Jubilee!!)

It wasn’t till I got to the hospital that I realised I was actually a bit worried about the tests. It had been 3 months since my last blood test. I feel absolutely fine, but as in my experiences as a haemotology patient you never feel completely fine until you know your blood test says you are fine!! (There has been too many times in the past where a blood test has shown that things weren’t fine before I felt bad – i.e. low platelets or low white blood cells won’t necessarily come directly with any immediate symptoms)

So as it wasn’t deemed urgent enough to chase I left the hospital without my results, having asked for the nurse to email them to me when they came through. I then decided to go off and do a bit of shopping in my quest to find an outfit for the Third Sector awards next week – which is proving harder than initially anticipated!

So today is Thursday and I have been stressing about my results…. I sent a prompting email to chase, but as not “urgent” then didn’t want to harass too much. Its amazing what your brain can do in this time….. you start to worry…

The rational part of you brain knows that in the NHS “no news is good news” is the normal rule of thumb…..however, the emotional part starts to run riot…. Maybe they haven’t got in touch yet because there is something wrong and they need to discuss a plan with the doctor first?!? I’ve been stressing out checking my emails, even though I know the nurse in question has a clinic on a thursday so I’m unlikely to get a response…..

In the end I phoned the outpatients to get my results…. just for the peace of mind! And of course, they are all fine!! (hb 141, neuts 2.92, platelets 148) But it just got me wondering…. when will the worrying stop??? Will it stop??




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