Most people know that I have tried to keep my mind busy doing various things whilst I have been off on sick leave. One of the things I challenged myself to do was to become qualified as a personal trainer. I have always wanted to do this, but not had the time alongside work commitments.

Well after some hard work, and tough exams  I am qualified!! Please take a look (and maybe like or share 😉 ) at my facebook page:


I know I talk about it a lot….. but fitness is a huge passion of mine. It has been crucial to getting me through treatment – physically and (more importantly) mentally. It has kept my body strong and ready to fight off the next infection or to cope with the next round of poison drugs. It has given me a way to help reduce my anxiety/stress in a healthy way!

I love how exercise and fitness make me feel alive …. stronger …. fitter … healthier … happier ….and more confident. And now I can share this with people not only in classes, but 1-2-1, where I can focus more on the individual and help all the magic happen!! Ha ha!! I really want people to start to understand why all the doctors bang on about doing exercise…. what really is so great about it??? NOT just to get that short term fix of losing a stone before I go on holiday, but about making the lifestyle changes that can be sustained long term and really make the difference to your health and wellbeing.

I want everyone to fall in love with exercise and its benefits!!

Next steps – to do my level 4 certificate in Cancer Rehabilitation so I can learn more about other types of cancer and use the experience of my journey to help others!

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3 thoughts on “EMergise-Me!!

  1. Lucy

    Awesome! I am a NZer and have loved Les Mills from way back. Well done – what an inspiration you are…(I hope you don’t find comments like that annoying – I know you didn’t ask for all of the stuff you have been through!!).


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