What do you say tothe person that saved your life?!?

Thank you doesn’t seem quite good enough!!


I received this letter in the post a few days ago.  It was stamped from King’s college hospital so I presumed it was just a boring appointment letter or something.  Was so shocked to see a letter from my wonderful donor!! Now I need to decide what to write back? How do I put into words how grateful I am?!? Thoughts welcome!!

Sorry it’s the wrong way up, can’t work it out on my phobe

4 thoughts on “What do you say tothe person that saved your life?!?

  1. Claire Delle Luche

    Hi Emma,
    So I registrered as a stem cell donour in France and wanted to arrange that they’d keep my info alive here (I don’t mind travelling home if I have to give) when I moved to the UK, and they did not recommend I’d sign up in the UK, to avoid duplicates.

    Your donour is from Germany. Is there a special comprehensive registry somewhere that can link donour/receiver that are NOT in the same country? Any info on who to contact would be useful… 🙂

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    1. Hi Claire – All stem cell donor registers should be global. I know people that have recieved donations from many different countries. If you sign up to one register then you should be accesible anywhere. You might be able to just change your contact address for your registration in France to ensure they can contact you if they need to? Em


  2. Diana Lockyer

    It is a very difficult letter to reply to. How lovely that you received such a precious letter. You do not want to be too gooey. On the other hand you should make it clear that you have had a 2nd chance because of the donation. You are such a sensitive, intelligent, special person that you will know exactly what to say. I admire you so much Emma. xxx

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    1. Thanks Diana! I’m not sure about all the traits you say, but I will accept the compliment!! I’m not very good at “gooey” so hopefully that shouldn’t be a problem!! Will let you know what I end up writing back, might include some pictures, and maybe my blog address if its allowed! x


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