Whats going on in my world

Again its been a while since I have blogged and quite a lot has happened!! I’m going to do two separate blog posts…. one about me…. and one about politics

Kings Appointment – All going well 🙂

Yesterday I went to Kings to get checked out. My bloods were great; wbc 5.2, hb 127, platelets 122. They are really pleased with how I’m getting on. My fatigue seems to be getting slowly better and other ailments are reducing. I’m beginning to feel a tired version of normal!!

We discussed the idea of having my one year bone marrow biopsy just to check if everything is ok. I think I have been almost persuaded to have it; my argument was y bloods are great so there’s no need, their argument was that the biopsy can detect any problems a lot earlier than blood tests so we would have more chance t0 nip any problems in the bud. We have agreed to wait and see if there has been any improvement on my chimerism (% donor) if no improvement then I will have the biopsy just to check everything is ok (JOY!!)

We also discussed iron collation. Currently my iron (ferratin) levels are over 3,000 which is over 10 times the amount it should be. Once my Haemoglobin levels have improved a little more then we will start doing venesections once a month to draw off a pint of blood and lower the levels.

Dodgy Sinuses

I went to see an ENT specialist at Guys hospital the other week about my sinuses. I still have problems with post nasal drip (a.k.a lots of mucus dripping from my sinuses into my mouth), a lot of mucus in general and fluffy hearing. Unfortunately he says there doesn’t seem to be a great deal wrong with the anatomy of my nose, the left side could possibly benefit from being operated on to widen the canal but it might do more harm than good. The main part of my problem is due to inflammation which is why it gets worse when I am run down or unwell. The only real treatment that can be offered is similar to that for Asthma which is steroid sprays and a regular wash out with nasal saline sprays/ neti pots.

Fitter and Stronger

Every week I seem to be getting fitter and stronger. I am back lifting weights, running and teaching classes again and boy does it feel good!! I’m starting to feel alive! Granted after a class I might need to rest up after, but I enjoy it so much its definitely worth it! I can also see that my muscles are returning and I am getting stronger. Heck, I even managed to do a handstand the other day!!

Brain Power

As well as all the fitness I have also been testing my brain with my PT/Yoga qualifications. It was my theory papers the other week for my level 3 anatomy and physiology and nutrition exams……. Amazingly I passed first time!! I still have some brain power left in me. I do already feel like that the knowledge has already escaped my brain though, need to work on retaining information for longer than a week!! Any tips welcome!

Really enjoying using my brain again though. Its giving me the confidence to feel like I am ready to take on work again. Still waiting for all the HR stuff to be sorted out, but hopefully should be looking at getting back to work by March, all being well!


6 thoughts on “Whats going on in my world

  1. Diana Lockyer

    Delighted to hear that you are making steady progress. Your bloods are really excellent. Sorry to hear about your sinuses. I have suffered all my life with chronic sinus problems. I had an operation to drill a hole in the sinuses when I was young. I am not sure how much it has helped overall. You have done so well and shown incredible courage and intelligence in dealing with this challenge. Keep up the good work. Hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rebecca Whawell

    Yipppeeee! So pleased to hear you’re feeling much better and you’re hoping to be back in March! We’ll definitely look forward to seeing you around again 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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