Finding the right balance…..

How do you know you’re doing too much before its too late?!?!?

I seem to be a habitual self sabotager! Whenever I have a good spell I like to make the most of it, however I seem to enjoy it too much and then make myself worse again!! Please tell me I’m not alone in this?

As you all know I’m dead keen on keeping fit and strong so this is a big part of my life, recently I’ve been feeling a lot better so have ramped up my weekly workouts. I’ve noticed massive differences in my strength and stamina over quite a short period of time too. I’m able to do reasonableish (in my eyes) weights in body pump, although weirdly squats are the ones I’m finding hardest and I’m able to make it through a dance class without feeling I’m about to die! Also, I can now do a fully non assisted head stand without needing the wall as a safety net!!

On top of this keeping fit I’ve been going out and about, meeting mates, trying different yoga classes, london trips for hospital, studying for PT course and lots and lots of crafting!! Go go go!! Couple of pics from a cheeky night out in Landan with one of the bessies for her 30th (Arrgghhh we are getting old!!)

During this time I have developed sinusitis AGAIN!!! Had it about 4 weeks now I think, i did seem to be fighting it off myself, and then I decided to just push myself that little bit too far and it got worse. Luckily not hospital worse, but mild fever and infection on chest/ears worse. So I’ve ended up back on the antibiotics, which I wanted to avoid and typically I probably could have avoided this if I had just rested to start with!! So now I’m dealing yet again with the nausea, acid reflux and dodgy guts from the antibiotics!! Lovely!! And of course if my body is stressed out with infections my eczema goes crazy too so I look really pretty as well!! ha ha!!

Now although I now know I did too much, I do find this difficult to recognise at the time and also accept it. As an example its difficult to accept that if you want to see friends in the evening you probably can’t do much in the day to save your energy. And also as I get stronger its difficult to know where the limits are. For example I can do a day/evening/weekend of doing things and feel fine at the time, its not until the day after I realise that I pushed myself too far……

One saving grace through this infection has been the introduction of my neti pot. Now I was a bit hesitant at first as a) it sounds gross b) it looks gross and c) surely it must feel like you’re drowning??? However, with persuasion from yogi friends Kath, Helena and Regina I finally made the plunge and OMG the relief was amazing!! The first time I did it I got out the biggest wodge of green gunk I have ever seen!! I felt so much better afterwards, I could actually breath properly!

For anyone that doesn’t know what a neti pot is it is basically a way of cleansing your sinuses using effectively saline water.You tip water into one nostril and it comes out the other like in the picture below (although I have to say I don’t normally look quite so happy about it!!)


2 thoughts on “Finding the right balance…..

  1. Sarah carroll

    Emma, how about trying a Salt Cave for your sinusitis? Another friend suffers and swears by it. Only know of one in Earlsfield but I’d hope there’d be more dotted around?? Funny about the saline solution; I use it on Joseph and hadn’t quite though about how weird it must feel for him till I read this…so thank you from Joji for empathising 😉 I hope you’re adding the extra protein and carbs when you’re in your busy energetic gym bunny phases?? Lots of love and positive energy channeling through to you. Love Sarah xx


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