Watch and wait

Just a brief one today from me…..I didn’t want to jinx it earlier on, to be honest i still don’t want to! However, my blood levels have been stabilising over the last few weeks. My platelets are soaring back up at 107 again. I am still neutropenic (have a very low immune system) but they are slowly creeping up. This means that I haven’t YET been admitted for my ATG treatment. It doesn’t mean I’m completely  out of the woods. My chimerism still hasn’t improved. However, it is fantastic news and I’m trying to enjoy my time at home!! My bloods will continue to be checked weekly and will have my chimerism re done in October to see if any improvement……. will just have to wait and see……

Post yoga weekend I’ve been sleeping like a baby so I’ve had a lot more energy floating around to try and focus on getting a bit stronger. Even been hitting it back up at the weights in the gym.

In other news I decided to attack my mop of hair today…… it was beginning to look like a mop head! Hope you agree it looks a lot better!!! If nothing else it looks like a hair cut, rather than just a grow out attempt. Might even go get some jazzy flowers shaved into my head or something! (before anyone panics I haven’t lost any length on the top so it is still growing, the sides will catch up later!!) One good thing…. when you realise you are bothered about your hair style then you know you are starting to feel a bit better 🙂





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