Letting go of the ego

Today was the first time I attended a body pump class since I had my first infection (this time round) in September 2015.

Now this might not sound like much to you guys, but it means a lot to me!!

I used to teach body pump/body attack and I absolutely loved it. My participants were fantastic and I loved the physical challenge too. I had got my weights to a great standard (enough to put some men to shame!) and I was really happy with my strength and physical appearance too.

I obviously had to stop teaching whilst I had all the infections/transplants as I could not maintain a class and was not fit enough to teach. However, I also stopped attending classes too. I hated the fact I couldn’t do my normal weights without having to stop half way through a track or just being completely exhausted! Ego!!!

Yoga teaches you to leave your ego outside the class. Don’t worry about what others can achieve. Don’t worry about what you think you should/used to achieve (even if it was the day before) just listen to your body at that specific time. Do what feels right now. Don’t push or strain. etc etc.


It has taken a while for this to sink in but i think I’ve got it now. I find I go to classes and I genuinely don’t care if the lady next to me has her legs wrapped round her head, I’m happy with what I can achieve and grateful I can do that. I push myself within my limits and just enjoy the class.

Today I felt ready for body pump. I left my ego outside. I explained to the instructor I would do light weights. I stuck to my plan, ignored what everyone else was lifting and only went to a maximum of 3.5kg on each side of my bar.  I managed to finish every track and I’m proud of what I achieved! 🙂

Sometimes its really hard accepting what cancer, infections and chemo does to your body and strength. However, the only way you get strong again is to suck it up and start from the beginning again. Its tough but its important we all do it to ensure we are fighting fit for whatever comes at us next!!





7 thoughts on “Letting go of the ego

  1. Sarah Reakes

    Hi Emma,

    You are so right that it is all about your own goals and not what anyone else is doing, or can do. I’m so pleased that you’re back into doing what you love, and you obviously derive so much pleasure and benefit from it.

    I for one have lately tended to let both my physical and emotional low state get the better of me. Now that I’m feeling a little more me I have started doing gentle morning exercises and I am finding it is definitely getting me back into a more positive place.

    You’re such an inspiration and glad you’re feeling more your old self.

    Thinking of you.

    Sarah xx


    1. Thanks Sarah. I’m really pleased to hear you are befitting from your morning exercises. Keep it up, I am a true believer that little things like this make a massive difference to our wellbeing 🙂 x


  2. Lorna

    Well done Emma, you are inspirational… I am so happy that you are doing your body pump classes again at your own pace, that shows grit, determination and never giving up… Heroine ❤️❌


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