Healing weekend

Despite some poor blood results on Thursday (neutrophils 0.8) I had a GCSF jab and the hospital didn’t argue about me flying over to Ireland. I can’t describe how happy I am that I got to make it!

It was a fantastic weekend. Seeing old friends and making new friends. Trying different types of yoga. Singing. Dancing. Meditating. Body massaging. Drumming. Chai tea drinking. Sharing stories. Vegan eating. Downward dogging. Womb yogaing Even Flying!!! Had one weird emotional/jittery moment after a shamanism drumming session but other than that I loved it all!!

My guts have never been better after a weekend of wholesome vegan food and my magnesium levels have improved massively. I’ve never felt so relaxed after an Aaaamazing massage. And in general I left the weekend feeling very happy and empowered to focus on following my heart more and to try and become more in tune with myself rather than following society.

Unfortunately yet again my weekend away ended with bad news. (Beginning to think I’m a bit jinxed). My neutrophils didn’t improve with the GCSF and a blood test at PCH on wednesday showed my neutrophils to be down to 0.26, so I was considered to be at a very high risk of infection. Also my hb and platelets had dropped a bit too.

Through some efficient organising from Carmel at Kings I was there on thursday getting hundreds of vials of blood taken off me and a good ole stab in the hip to see whats going on. Apparently there are two main options for whats happening.

  1. My two coexisting immune systems (old donor and new donor) have decided they are no longer willing to live together and have declared war. Subsequently this would mean my bone marrow is understress and not able to produce the usual number of blood cells. This should be able to be solved with Imunnogloblin therapy which acts like the riot police (should act!) and calms everyone down
  2. The cancer has come back…. fuck knows what happens if this is the case so keep your fingers crossed!!

Results from the bloods and bone marrow should hopefully start creeping in over the next few weeks…. I will keep you posted!!

5 thoughts on “Healing weekend

  1. Diana Lockyer

    I’m so pleased that you had a great weekend in Ireland. So sorry to hear your neutrophils are so low. Disappointing injection didn’t help. Hope news of bone marrow & Bloods is fairly positive. Thinking of you xxxx


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