Ooooohhh Vienna!

I flew out on friday for a girly trip to Vienna for the weekend. Its the first time I’ve ever been to Austria so I was looking forward to experiencing it.

First impressions…. the public transports and streets were spotless!! It was so so sooo clean compared to London.

The apartment was amazing. I found it on air b’n’b and had been really worried about it. They were offering a discounted rate as apparently they were still being decorated, although there wasn’t much sign of this!! The apartment was part of an old university building with marble pillars and stair case, high decorative ceilings, brand new kitchen/bathrooms, and recently painted. It was gorgeous!

We were pretty lucky with the weather, 35 degrees most of the time! It did start to get a bit suffocating though so we were grateful for the rain sunday! We had to spend most of the days hiding in the shade!

It was a great trip though and we managed to see most of the “top 10” sights. I made a massive effort to pay attention to my body, and went home late afternoon for naps. We still did a crazy amount of steps, almost 20k most days!! Good work out for the legs!

The best thing was having a weekend away with the girlies. Where nobody was working and everyone was able to chill out and catch up properly for the weekend. Everyone is far too busy these days!!

However, there are some worries and extra expenses when travelling abroad. Here are a few tips i would offer:

  1. Ask your consultant/clinical nurse specialist to provide you with a letter detailing your diagnosis, treatment plan and list of drugs. Providing phone numbers should anything happen
  2. Travel insurance…. now this can be really pricey. You are best off looking for a medical specialist insurance company if normal companies won’t cover you. Most normal insurers have a sister medical company they will link you to. I will be honest and say that for Ireland i’m just doing hand luggage, not get travel insurance and hope for the best!! I’m staying with a friend so hopefully she will be able to help sort out any issues if needed!!
  3. Drugs… keep them in your hand luggage just in case hold luggage is lost. Keep with them any medical letters too. What I did was put them all into pill boxes and then cut out all the fronts of the boxes to prove they were for me and the name of the drug.

Glad to be home for a little bit before jetting off to Ireland for a yoga festival and to see some friends!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ooooohhh Vienna!

  1. Sarah Carroll

    Ooooh sounds fab Emma! Where are you going for your Ireland yoga retreat? Hope you’re feeling on form for your next trip, as I saw from your latest blog that you’ve had a bit of a set-back but I hope that’ll all be under control in time for your next jaunt. Lots of love and thinking of you. Sarah xx


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