No longer a couch potato

What an eventful few weeks its been!

Last week we had some gorgeous weather, which just makes everyone feel better!! (well other than the people that moan about the heat, but lets ignore them for the moment!!) Had a great time out with Jasper, catching a few rays in the paddling pool! Was great to be able to just chill out outside, have bbqs and feel warm (I’ve become quite a cold person these days)

With the better weather i seem to be in better health too. I’ve slowly been recovering from my sinus/chest/ear infection and my bout of poisoning from the meds. I’m now managing to make it off the couch and even get to a few yoga classes!

In the time I had recouping I got myself stuck back into my crafty projects. I’ve finished my crochet summer top (see below) and have ALLMOST finished a jumper and little tunic top (pictures to follow once complete).I am so grateful for having hobbies I can do whilst lazing around on the sofa, helps me keep my sanity whilst my body is recovering.


Last week at kings I bumped into Steve and Tilly from the MDS uk facebook group. Well to be more accurate I was accosted by Steve!! Was great to meet both of you briefly at kings. Tilly and I then met up for lunch this week and discussed our similar cancer stories. Hate hearing about someone else who has suffered so long like I have, but I know she is a fighter and with the next treatment stage she will fight back!!

Friday I’m off to Vienna for the weekend with some friends, the musketeers in fact! The weather looks fab, the company will be great, the apartment looks good in the pictures, I’ve just got to find some energy from somewhere!!! OR more importantly I’ve got to not be stubborn and understand my limits so I enjoy the whole time I’m there without getting over tired and poorly. This is something I do really struggle to do, and I will always try and keep up with everyone else, but my resolution for this break is to not put the pressure on myself to do that. Perhaps to spend the morning touring and then go back to the apartment in the afternoon so I then have the energy to go to a restaurant in the evening!! I don’t know, we will see how things pan out!!!




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