Home and recovering

I managed to escape hospital on Saturday (after trying out oral antibiotics and dosing up on codine to help suppress my cough!) Apologies for not blogging sooner but I’ve been really lethargic and not fancied it.

It was a bit of a shock being admitted to hospital with so long of staying out, however as usual I fell into the routine pretty damn quickly! So advantages/disadvantages to being sent home early on orals:

Advantages                                                   Disadvantages

No bedpans                                                       Feeling safe & knowing staff will help

12 hours solid sleep (lush!!)                         Actually resting in daytime

No 6am wake up calls                                    Having a giggle with the nurses

No 8am bloodtest/breakfast                        Getting used to having no set routine

No more hospital food! ergh!!

What bothers you guys most about being a inpatient? As you can tell for me it generally revolves around sleep!! (There are definitely more pros/cons but my mind just wants sleep right now!!)

So how do I feel now? I’m slowly reducing my quantity of snot and the cough is dying down. The antibiotics aren’t sitting well, nausea and diarrhea making me feel a bit rotten (last day of them tomorrow!!!). Also my body is all wobbly from the effects of the infection and lack of food, but I’m getting a little stronger each day.

What happens next? I had a trip to Kings yesterday to see Dr Rice. Bloods are looking good, although neuts are slowly dropping a little bit. Bone marrow is looking a bit odd, apparently a lot of my cells are trying to produce neutrophils but failing to complete it. The CT scan of my sinuses and chest show some soft tissue just hanging around, don’t yet know if its just mucous or fungal or what! So quite a few questions to be answered. My case is going to the big MDT meeting (where all the big consultants sit around deciding what to do with me) next Tuesday and hopefully I will get a few more answers!!

In other news I have been embracing my sewing machine and finishing off a few bits and pieces. A kind of patchwork cushion, patchwork baby blanket and some juggling balls. Slowly getting more accurate and happy with my sewing. Also have learnt what would have been the better ways of doing things as I went along! Hindsight and all that…….

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