Hopefully just a blip!

So what a week……

In my last blog I had an ear infection that was improving and was neutropenic but on GCSF. The GCSF eventually had an effect and by the end of the week I had 1.7 neuts. Also my ear infection improved and I was off antibiotics by end of the week too so I was starting to feel brighter, minus a bit of a sniffle.

My brother was going to be away for the week so I was put in charge of his little doggy Jasper. Not a chore at all, love that doggy!! Spoilt him loads and let him sleep on my bed, although he does like to take up as much room as possible when he gets the chance!!


Saturday afternoon after taking him for a long walk I suddenly felt really really drained and had a headache. Overnight I woke up soaking with sweat a few times, but with no temperature. Sunday I felt like absolute shite in the morning, my mum eventually woke me at 11:30 but I didn’t feel up to doing much. I had a bit of a temperature, but being stubborn I decided to ignore it. My sinuses had flared up a treat overnight and I was coughing and blowing out fluorescent green mucus (luuuurvveely!!).

Towards the end of the day I realised my temperature had just been creeping up and all I wanted to do was sleep. When it hit 39.7, and after some words from the GP across the road I knew I needed to go into hospital no matter how much I didn’t want to go in. I think I just thought if I ignored it then it might go away, although I knew deep down this was stupid! But at 6 months post transplant and avoiding admission for so long it just wasn’t something I wanted to do!! I wanted to look after my brother’s doggy for him as I promised and not feel like crap in hospital! It just felt like such a backward step.

So to A&E I went as there were no beds on haem/onc (making it an even more a dreaded trip). A&E were actually amazing though unlike previous trips. It was like some alarm bell had gone off for me as I was seen so quickly and so many people were in and out of my room trying to get things done. I was in a side room, had an ECG, obs, oxygen, blood work, and antibiotics all given within the hour!! Very impressive!!

Haem/onc were then amazing and did a bed shuffle to get me onto their ward. Apparently they had a medical patient in one of the beds so they shuffled people around so I could get a side room, in fact MY side room (bed 14 – the one I spent over 3 months in during 2015- home from home). They knew that Dr Siva would have a fit if he saw I was on MAU with a general medical patient in my place!! Ha ha!! Special treatment or what?!?!

I had to keep the oxygen on for about 36 hours before I started to be weaned off it. I had 2 bags of saline as well to up my fluids. However, when mixed with an empty stomach and antibiotics it does not end in a pretty way. I felt like I was having an enema/colonic irrigation or something! You know it’s been bad when you have a celebration with a nurse when you actually have a wee rather than it all just coming out of your arse!!

Anyway to bring it up to date…… I’m off the oxygen. My temperature has been normal since Monday evening. I’m still coughing like a trooper and I can feel all the snot in the back of my nose/throat. In fact, I actually have ZERO sense of smell, to the point where I can’t even smell Vicks vapour rub!! (not a bad thing as it meant I have been able to smell any of my bed pans!) I’m still on a fluid chart, stool chart (so everything needs to be in the bed pans…. Lovely!) and food chart. Fingers crossed I can get taken off these soon!  I have hardly any appetite and everything tastes a bit rotten, I’ve even resorted to my nemesis Fortijuices as I can’t face eating much! (I was pretty grumpy in these pictures on Sunday/monday!!)


The Plan – my CRP hasn’t improved much so today they have switched antibiotics and hopefully over next couple of days there will be an improvement so I can go home on orals. Fingers crossed!!

Only bonus is I’m well into the tennis now!! Well impressed with how Willis played against Federer!! Good lad!!

4 thoughts on “Hopefully just a blip!

  1. Rowena Onions

    Still ploughing my way through the yarn I bought at Olympia. I think of you (and your mum) whenever I pick it up! Lots of love Rowie xx


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