Life’s highs and lows…..

Life always has high points and low points, currently I’m waiting for the high point to hurry itself along!

Recent High – Weekend in Cromer

Had a fantastic weekend in Cromer with my fellow crafting buddies. Lots of chat, beach time, fish n chips, craft shops, beautiful purchases, board games, wine, ice creams, cake and even pretty good weather!


Recent Low 

So since Tuesday things have got gradually a bit worse health wise. On tuesday my neutrophils had dropped to 0.53. This is because one of the drugs (Valganciclovir) I’m on to treat CMV suppresses your bone marrow and stops it producing blood cells. So since Tuesday I’ve been on a drug called GCSF which is supposed to boost your immune system.

Wednesday morning as usual I went to Helena B’s yoga class (brilliant class!!) felt tired when doing it, but nothing untoward. Got home, had some lunch. Did a few phone calls (boring claims for benefits) and then around 4pm started spewing my guts up and the other end started too! Things settled down that evening, but my guts have been a bit dodgy since. The reason for this? God knows, think its GVHD or potentially some lingering bug in my system which flares up when I’m low?

Thursday I had a blood test – neutrophils had dropped to 0.26!! They are supposed to go up on GCSF, not down! So the plan was to stop taking the CMV drugs, continue with GCSF and just hope that my CMV levels won’t shoot up.

In the meantime I’ve got some form of ulcer in the back of my mouth so it hurts to swallow, my ear is throbbing and painful with an outer ear infection, my appetite is non existent  and I can’t stop sneezing!! I’m exhausted and have barely moved from the sofa since wednesday, think my highest step count since wednesday is just over 2,000 (normal I would do at least 7/8k) and that was walking round the hospital.


To top things off it seems that today my neutrophils have dropped even FURTHER to less than 0.01. So hopefully my temperature won’t go up in the night, but tomorrow will be a hospital trip again to get antibiotics for my ear! FUN FUN FUN!!

When is the high coming?!?!?



2 thoughts on “Life’s highs and lows…..

  1. Chris Onions

    I don’t know how you keep doing it but just keep on hanging on in there. I hope that tomorrow brings some improvements. Kind thoughts and very best wishes.


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