Sunshine is the best medicine

Does everyone not find that the sun shining just makes you feel so much happier!?!

I’ve been able to chill outside (with factor 50 and mostly in the shade as i seem to boil up pretty quick!!) with music, knitting or getting mini projects done (furniture painting and patio flowers). I just feel so much more relaxed, less cooped up and brighter!

However, on a more negative note after spending time outside i get way more tired more quickly!! I’ve been trying to make the most of my energetic moments, and just put up with the suffering later or the next day! It seems to be working ok so far! I’ve managed a short trip to the coast, some walks and a bit of bat and ball in the park! Too many photos in the end to share them all!

Beach Day

Bat and Ball

Health wise I’m doing ok, blood tests have been pretty good. Just the fatigue and GVHD (skin, guts, eyes and the good ole vagina) getting to me mainly.Had an appointment with an ENT (ear, nose and throat) consultant on Saturday about the sinusitis/virus a.k.a. mucous attack that I’ve been suffering for the last 10 weeks. (Saturday!??! is this the new 7 day week NHS Mr Hunt has been banging on about?!?!).

She had a look down my throat, up my nose, in my ears and then proceeded to spray local anesthetic up my nose so she could shove a telescope up it. Now the local anesthetic was the worst part my whole nose, back of throat and roof of mouth was numb. It felt like I couldn’t swallow because I couldn’t feel the motion happening. Very bizarre and I would say totally unnecessary for the procedure she did. ANYWAY turns out I have got siniusitus based on the inflammation shown on my CT scan, however it doesn’t look too horrific. Plan is to blast it with another 2 weeks worth of antibiotics (Yay! I can look forward to yet another dose of thrush!!) and a delightful steroid nasal drop to try and open up the passageways. Fingers crossed it does the trick else the are considering a minor operation to widen the passageways.

As a random ending, for anyone that gets this far, please let me know if there are any topics you want me to discuss in any blogs. Anything about my past experiences or you would be interested in hearing more about!


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