Home Stooling

This weekend I have had dodgy guts again. I know when I go to kings today they are going to ask for a stool sample. So all Blue Peter stylie (“here’s one I made earlier”) I’m going to arrive with them, as it is rather hard to do one on demand whilst at clinic! One thing that is never really discussed is the process of collecting a stool sample.

Urine samples are pretty straight forward, particularly for men. For women there is a bit more of an aiming issue which usually ends with it on my hands, but recently they have been supplying little funnels too. You have to be careful not to overfill the funnel though else you end up with the same problem!

Now stool samples are a different story. As an inpatient its easy; poo in a bedpan, nurse collects it (poor nurses), job done. At home though its a bit trickier.

Do you poo in a bowl knowing that you will probably never use that bowl again? Do you poo in a cheap tupperware and then throw it away? I’ve also hear of cling film being used, or is that just for pranks? Recently I’ve taken to put newspaper in the toilet and try and just poo a little bit on that. Remove the paper and poo and complete my toilet trip. take the sample off the paper, put paper in plastic bag an in the bin.

Whichever way its all fairly disgusting and I really don’t like doing it but hopefully it will give some answers to why my guts keep going berserk!


3 thoughts on “Home Stooling

  1. Sarah carroll

    Hellooooo Emma, sorry for radio silence! Baby Joseph is now 8 weeks and I’ve finally cleared my thousand emails so as to receive & send again 🙂 I’ve been thinking about you loads, and continue to pray for your full recovery…as does my church group, so you’re well thought of!
    Loving the graphic poo story; as you can imagine, I’m in the throes of poo-dom right now too so you’re in good company 😉
    I just wanted to say hi and send you lots of love – to show you that I’m still here supporting you and channelling those positive happy vibes.
    Lots of love, Sarah & the family xxxxx


  2. Suzanara

    Love the title! I have a dedicated jug for,wee samples,never seen those funnels,about time! Had my own fair share of soggy hands!! As you say hopefully will be worth the hassle xx


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