Birthday celebrations

Day +110 and another year older!

Thursday I went to kings and had my day 100 biopsy. I branched out again and let a different doctor do my biopsy….. in actual fact I let a newbie do my biopsy!! It was only the 3rd biopsy she had done. There was a registrar watching over and advising but the doctor was actually really good. Now its just the waiting game for the results….. but fingers crossed they will be as good as my blood results which are looking awesome at the moment. Neutrophils are sky high at 4.19 with no prompting!

Amazingly my virus decided to give me a break for my birthday weekend. I finally have some energy back!! i spent the weekend with my friends in cromer; enjoying the sea air and having a great catch up with the besties.  Had the best time, and was a true escape from hospital and chill out.

Today my brothers dog Jasper decided he wanted to wish me happy birthday. He worked out how to open my door and burst in around 8am, jumping on the bed, waking me up and scaring the crap out of me!!! Little buggar!!  Although you have to forgive him when he looks so cute and gives you so many kisses.


Had a lovely birthday with my dad, brother and Jasper too. Walk round the rowing lake in the sunshine and hail (hail!?!?!?! what the hell?? isn’t it April??) with a pub lunch. Great day 🙂


And just to finish….. the only new medical issue is slight increase in the GVHD. My skin is literally shedding everyday and so dry it goes really tight. Only real solution is just moisturising loads. My eyes are really dry so I’ve started using eye drops too. But these are just niggles in the grand scheme of things. Onwards and upwards!


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