Getting into the “swing”of life

Day +98

I’ve been feeling a little brighter the last few days. Had another episode of spew and poo on sunday, but seem to be a little less mucousy since. Blood counts are pretty damn good and kings were pretty happy with things on Tuesday. Swabs came back with low levels of the adenovirus, which can be dangerous in people with low immune systems, however they haven’t yet found it in my blood/stool samples so no treatment is planned as of yet. Its just a game of watch and wait to see if I will eventuall get rid of it myself. In the meantime I’ve been trying to move around a bit more in the hope of improving my appetite, and perhaps even my fatigue.

One thing that bought a smile to my face this week was receiving a get well card from my swing dancing group in Brixton. Its been really hard having to leave London and my friends there, and my lifestyle. Working, gyming and dancing were huge parts of my life and its really hard to think it will be a while before I can get back into this. Partner dancing especially will be a no no until my immune system is strong enough to cope with touching lots of mens grubby hands!! ha ha!!


But on a serious note thank you for the sweet card Brixton Hillers! Means a lot to know you are thinking of me and I can’t wait to get out on the dance floor again with you. In the meantime I will be polishing my Shim Sham and Tranky do…. maybe even attempting to master the Suzi Q that has so far bewildered me!!

Whenever i have the concentration span I have been trying to keep busy with my crafting. Sewing in ends and crocheting borders on hospital days….. Finishing cardigans in the sunshine in when chilling in the conservatory.

On a hairy note….. my hair has been growing back, but was looking a bit sad….. The hair that was growing was a bit lifeless and kind of fluffy. (Forgot to take a before photo!!!) Today I decided to save it all off again so it will hopefully grow back a bit stronger. To be honest it already feels better!!


4 thoughts on “Getting into the “swing”of life

  1. So glad to hear you’re feeling brighter Emma. It seems to be a long journey you’re on. I think you’re amazingly patient and positive in your blogs. How long post transplant are you now?


  2. Rowena Onions

    Glad you’re feeling well enough for crochet… looking good. I’m merrily wading my way through the pile of yarn bought at Olympia. Xx


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