A tough week…

The chocolate might have brought my blood counts up, but this virus is still kicking my ass!!! Over 6 weeks this virus/sinus infection has been beating me down and this week it got a bit tougher. It has been getting the point where I can barely breathe/swallow due to mucus feeling like it is coating the back 0f my throat and whole sinuses. It feels like the gunk farmers pull out of lambs/calves mouths when they have just been born!

I had still been getting out and about though for a bit each day, nothing hugely taxing. Lovely day out to the gardens at Burghley park with Smells and K admiring the sculptures and getting confused in the mirror maze.

Sunday I went for a lovely walk with my mum and brother round Wadenhoe.

Although in the end I decided to ruin it by spewing my guts up in the car park of a nice little tea room we stopped in. Pretty sure the other customers loved the sound effects too as I only made it maybe 50 metres from where they were sitting!! Ha ha!! The rest of the day resulted in me purging my body of all contents from both ends! I will spare you the details, but I’m sure everyone will imagine the mess this can create!!

The thought pattern is it was a build up of mucus that made me ill…… but by the next morning things had settled down considerably, although I stuck to crackers and rice for the next two days.

The rest of the week has been spent crashed out on the couch, sleeping ridiculous amounts (between 12 – 15 hours a night), and only leaving the house for a hospital appointment until today.

Today I pushed myself to go to a informal free motion embroidery workshop with Kim from the handmade in Peterborough (HiP). Had great fun playing with sewing machines and being creative with a few fellow crafters. Glad I made teh effort to go, but boy am I tired now. After I was even too tired to browse hobbycraft properly whilst my mum picked up a few bits, I just sat on one of the shelfs, but it was worth it. Has brought a bit of a spark back into me!

Back on a second course of antibiotics….. see if these will help me shift it fully. Kings on tuesday to see what they think…. here’s hoping that by then I will be a new girl with clear sinus’s and full hearing!!

5 thoughts on “A tough week…

  1. Diana Lockyer

    Sorry to hear that you have been feeling so rotten recently. Well done for getting to the embroidery workshop. You did some amazing pieces. Thinging of you courageous, funny, specialyoung woman


  2. Sarah Reakes

    Sorry to hear that you have been feeling so rubbish. I suffer with sinus pain and can really sympathise with how debilitating it can be. Hope Kings sorts you out and makes it go away and particularly the nasty mucus which really can make you feel awful especially when it gets into your stomach. Keep strong!

    Sarah xx


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