The chocolate did its job!!

Good news, the chocolate seems to of fueled a response to my immune system. (Well maybe it was the GCSF injections but I prefer the theory of the chocolate)

My neutrophils have finally bounced back. Not gonna lie I was getting pretty damn worried when it got to 5 days of injections and still seeing no response, but the relief was huge on Tuesday to see them pick up. AND they are still doing well.


Starting to notice the difference too and feeling a lot better already. Hopefully this virus has been kicked into touch now!

Theories on why my counts dropped……. I have been taking a drug called Valgancyclovir which can affect the bone marrows production. Also the virus itself will be hammering my bone marrow too…… but really we will never know!! The good news is just that the counts have come back up!! ha ha!

Rash update….. Having a mini flare up at the moment. Not only am I a bit hivey and spotty but also my skin is flaking off….. Even on my nipples!! ha ha And awkwardly I have a few hives in my pubic area so I keep finding myself subconsciously scratching my groin area!! Apologies in advance if I do this in your presence!! ha ha ha!! I won’t share any photos of this for the time being as the hives don’t even really show up on camera.

Hope everyone had a good easter and have been enjoying the sunshine of late!

5 thoughts on “The chocolate did its job!!

  1. Sarah carroll

    Hi Emma
    Sorry for my radio silence of late; since the arrival of baby Joseph 2 weeks early on 15.03 I’ve thought about you but have been tardy on email etc! But he’s here and he’s gorgeous! !
    Thought of you when I was in hospital after my day in office followed by all-nighter birth (2nd time I’ve done that now!!) and the midwives woke me up at 5:50 for paracetamol! !!! Grrrrrrr!!! ;0
    I know you were rudely awoken when you were in.

    So, flaking nipples- that makes two of us, so I can empathise fully ;0

    But really really good news overall Emma- sounds like your body is doing pretty darn good. Keep up the good work!!!

    Lots of love and I’ll be back online soooooooon. Feeding beckons….

    Sarah & new little man and the rest of the clan xxxxx


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