In need of a pick me up!

I know people have been missing the graph so I thought I would add it into this edition! I have moved to weekly blood tests (hence the lack of lines) and forgot to record a few tests!

I doubt it looks like most people would expect, especially the last red point of today. As you can see things are still up and down with my neutrophil count, although it has mostly stayed above 1 which has been brilliant.

Today it was a bit more of a negative story, it seems the virus/sinus infection I have been battling has got the better of my immune system and my neutrophil count has dropped down to 0.27. Hopefully its just a blip. I’ve been sent home with some GCSF injections to give i a bit of a boost. If not I will be having some serious chats with this new bone marrow to get its act together and kill off these bugs!! Can’t have it letting me down like this already!

In general though I don’t feel too bad. I’m grotty from the infection but my temperature isn’t going up and I’m keeping fairly well. Mostly I’m just tired and not up to doing much. Going to London today will mean some serious crash out recovery time tomorrow.

Now time for those neutrophils to grow and kick some infection butt!!



One thought on “In need of a pick me up!

  1. Chris Onions

    Go neutrophils go! Or should that be grow neutrophils grow? Hope they pick up soon and wipe out this infection so that you can get on with your recovery.


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