Hot Fuzz….?

Over the last few weeks my hair has started to grow back. Probably about 3 weeks ago I noticed my legs were starting to look a bit hairy and found a few stray pubes!! Bit like going through puberty again! Does this make me all grown up? Pah! Whatever,  I’ve got some full on growth going on now keeping me a bit warmer in the cold weather!! (Don’t worry I don’t have any photos to show you)

My head hair and eyelashes are taking a while longer to recover. (I didn’t lose all my eyelashes, just some big gaps). My head hair is only growing in some patches, not all over. But here is a picture of some of the fuzz if you can make it out!


Depending on the growth I will keep it cropped short until the rest of it catches up (fingers crossed it will!!). Would rather be bald than look like this!! ha ha

Eyelashes is the main thing that has been getting me down to be honest. The only item of make up I wear religously is mascara and at the moment if I wear it it just highlights the gaps in my eyelashes and makes me look stupid. I feel my eyes look kinda nothingy without mascara! I’m not a big make up person but this is one thing I feel much better with on. In light of this I decided to treat myself to a little confidence booster and get some eyelash extensions put in at Eden Beauty Therapies. I think they look amazing!! Unfortunately I will need a bit of maintenance because I haven’t got many lashes to support the weight of them, but they make me feel so much more confident about my appearance so I don’t care!!

mms_20160316_222145 (2)

Health update – bloods had dropped a little bit this week (nothing drastic), presumably because I am still fighting this bloody sinus infection off!! Still haven’t been up for doing much no matter how much rest I get….. Very frustrating!! Despite all the lotions and potions the rashes are still itching like crazy and not looking ready to leave, every day I seem to find a new patch of it! Oh well, might see the dermatologist again next week. Managing to do some crochet and see a few people for quick coffees, but nothing overly strenuous just yet!

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