German lady doing me proud!

Tuesday was a bit of an anticlimax! Nothing particularly new to report as the full tests weren’t done with my biopsy. However, one amazing thing to note is my cellularity (so % of my bone marrow that is active cells rather than empty space) is now 70% compared to the measly 5% it was before transplant!! This is awesome news and a really good sign. Loving my new german bone marrow πŸ™‚

Another good sign is that my bloods are now flying ahead! I’ve been maintaining my blood without any injections or transfusions for a good while now and despite my current infection they are still remaining high: Haemoglobin – 124, Platelets – 166(!??!), white blood cells – 3.64, neutrophils – 2.64. I believe all of these are within the “normal” range. now. My consultant says that because my counts are so good she would anticipate my % donor to be almost 100% which is really great news. Now its just about trying to pick the right time to start weaning off the immune suppressants.

I’m still feeling grotty though. Snotty and got painful sinuses and ear ache from what looks like a sinus infection. Been prescribed a load of antibiotics and am trying to rest up as much as I can. As Kirsten pointed out though this is actually a real positive step, its only a few months ago that this infection would probably of had me in hospital with IV antibiotics but at the moment I am managing to fend it off myself!! Fingers crossed I kill it off soon!!

Skin rash wise I have puzzled the dermatologist, I do always like to be difficult! She thinks its likely to be GVHD but the skin biopsy they did the other week was inconclusive. When looking at my rash on tuesday she said it was really difficult to even know how to treat it as I have clusters of two different types of rashes; one being “spotty” and the other being “hivey”. She has cheated and given me loads of lotions and potions which should treat both types of rashes to see if it will clear up. The main thing that is bugging me is the itching. Right now my back feels like its crawling and its taking all my will power not to scratch!!

So here is my collection of new drugs to take and also my dinner for one at pizza express (I had to wait Β 2.5 hours for the 7pm off peak train home so thought I would save money and use my nectar points to buy dinner and chill out whilst waiting!!):


I’ve also been trying to get back into sewing….. Not sure my dad is overly impressed with the mess that comes with it though………



4 thoughts on “German lady doing me proud!

  1. Sarah Carroll

    Ah Emma, that’s brilliant news on the % match and blood counts; hurrah for that wonderful German lady and her compatability with you! πŸ™‚

    Your friend is right about the infection; the fact that you’re handling it is in itself a sign of progress (your baby immune system is fighting back hard :-)).

    Sorry to hear about the rash still causing you grief, and I hope the mix of potions sorts it out – but I also hope you can then identify the best potion to go forward with…??

    That pizza is making me feel very hungry- I’m definitely at the pregnancy stage where I could just eat a pizza right now, whole, and then another one…28th March due date is fast approaching and I finish work for Mat Leave next week (mixture of office and working from home now) πŸ™‚

    Ooooh and I think your dining room – ‘sewing room’ looks delightful πŸ™‚ You’re a woman of many talents!! haha

    Lots of love and continued positive thoughts for your wellbeing. I really hope that once the antibiotics have ‘done their thang’ and spring time finally arrives, that you’ll be feeling like a new woman!

    And just don’t forget to get some rest now! πŸ˜‰

    Sarah xx


  2. Diana Lockyer

    We are so pleased to hear that you are doing so well. However, I have lots of sympathy for your horrid sinus/ear infection. I get lots of these infections and take the same anti biotic. Best wishes for your future recovery. You have been so brave and humourous through a very difficult journey.


  3. Emma

    Hey Emma P. checking up on you, I see things are looking good overall, aside from the snot. Your counts are great! πŸ˜‚ Best wishes. Love Emma C


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