Little Miss Snotty

Its been a week now with the build up of, what I believe to be, a sinus infection of some sort…… headaches, earaches and snot… Today it is taking its toll and after a late night (11:30!!) watching Django Unchained with my brother (very good film, even if I did have to hide throughout half of it!). I didn’t wake up until 1pm!! Even then I didn’t make it out of bed until 2pm! My body obviously needs the rest to try and beat the bug,but I now have no concept of what time of day it is . Heading to Kings tomorrow so they can do some more viral swabs, etc and get my all checked out.

At Kings I will hopefully be getting my full set of bone marrow biopsy results for my day 28/56 biopsy (I missed the date for my day 28 so they just did one test on day 47). Fingers crossed everything will look good….. Initial results show a good cellularity but just waiting on confirmation that there are no nasty cells still floating around in there. I want to be as close to 100% donor as I can be at this stage. (This measure is called your chimerism, I will talk  more about this when I get all my results through)

I will also see the dermatologist tomorrow to get the results of my skin biopsy. The steroid cream they gave me the other week doesn’t seem to help at all. My skin still itches like crazy and it comes up and down almost like mosquito bites! It seems to have got worse as well whilst I’ve been run down and has spread further over my body!

What else have I been up to??

I “treated” my mum to a day at the knit and stitch event at London Olympia for mothers day. Didn’t tell her till the day before that I had booked a wheelchair for her to wheel me round in as I didn’t think I would be able to walk the whole day. (I would have wheeled myself but the damn thing wouldn’t turn left!!!) I still get really tired if standing up for long periods of time….. Turns out it was actually quite useful for carrying the wool and they became my bumper seat and cushion!

Baking has not been going so well…. Will blame this on the cold! ha ha! Disastrous egg custard tarts with the custard seeping through the pastry (although they still tasted yummy) and the worst tasting shortbread I think I’ve ever had…. Seriously how can you get shortbread wrong?!?!?! Ashamed!!




3 thoughts on “Little Miss Snotty

  1. Sarah Carroll

    Hi Emma, really really good luck at Kings tomorrow…I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for really great results for you. 🙂 🙂 Keep us posted. xxxx


  2. Rowena

    Great to see you on Saturday! You should see the pile of yarn in the corner of the lounge of the place we are staying…. maybe one day it will have another incarnation… Hope the test goes well.x


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