My group therapy :-)

One of the things that has helped me get through the last few years of treatment is my knitting and the craft group I attend in Peterborough.

People underestimate the impact treatment has on your mental state. Chemo brain is a real thing and the ongoing fatigue after treatment has a real impact on your concentration span and mood.

Knitting gives me something to do so I feel like I’m achieving something whilst chilling in front of the TV. I tend to have a few projects on the go some simple patterns, some quick projects and some that involve more concentration! I find knitting so much easier than reading when I go to hospital appointments as its easy to pick up and put down and I don’t get distracted in the same way. If I take a book I usually end up reading the same page like 10 times!!

With knitting I also got introduced to a craft group called Handmade in Peterborough (HiP).

HIP has been fantastic for me. Not only have I learnt new skills I’ve also met some amazing people and it has helped me get through some hard and dark times! I find it a no pressure social environment….. I can go and be the loudest person in the room (which is me normally!!) or I can just take me knitting and sit in the background surrounded by people chatting. Sometimes you just need to be with people even if you don’t feel like talking much yourself. Also there is no pressure to talk about how you are feeling you can just admire the pretty things everyone is making!! There is also no judgement.

Here is what we got up to last night!!

And here is the merkin and hat a fellow HIPer crocheted for me!!




One thought on “My group therapy :-)

  1. Sarah Reakes

    Hi Emm,

    Sounds as though you are doing really well. I can fully empathise with how the treatment can make you feel and the emotional challenges are the worst in some ways, as you are very much left to deal with it on your own. Brain fog and difficulty in concentrating coupled with exhaustion is really difficult to cope with and I also found knitting a great comfort. As you say, you can pick it up at any time and it is comforting and rewarding at the same time.

    Keep up the good work and I’m so pleased your Hickman line has been finally removed as that will make such a difference with your ongoing progress and reduce the risks of infections.

    Thinking of you.

    Best Wishes

    Sarah Reakes (SCT +356 days)


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