What a day!!!

Yesterday was my clinic appointment at Kings and what an efficient day it was! So much got done. We (joint effort in mine and the staff’s organising!) achieved:

  • Getting to the hospital for 10:45 despite the train delays (some emergency between peterborough and huntingdon)
  • 1 bone marrow biopsy (not too ouch…. but still ouch! i was encouraged to “branch out” and try a different registrar and he proved to be acceptable to add to the list! ha ha)
  • 1 blood test (with multiple vials and a few big bottles for tissue banking research)
  • A consultation with a dermatologist regarding my rash (not sure what it is… potentially GVHD)
  • 1 pharmacy collection for dermatology creams
  • 1 skin biopsy done of the rash (They literally just puncture out a small bit of skin to analsye. Bit of local, punch it out, then 1 stitch to be removed in 5 -7 days)
  • A consultation with my haemotologist (Really happy with my progress….CMV levels are reducing now I’m on the drugs…. bloods are all stable HB 106… platelets 117… WBC 2.83… neuts 1.7)
  • 2nd pharmacy collection for haem drugs
  • A serious session of hacking to remove my hickman line (at long last!!)
  • Getting home for 8pm for a Delicious dinner cooked by my brother!!

Phew!!! Was pretty tired by the end of it but was so satisfying to of achieved so much in one day. Sometimes I go to Kings and its really frustrating because I feel like nothing has happened different to what Peterborough could do and feels like a waste of money on train tickets, energy, etc.

Few piccies….

  1. twisty turban style (about all I can wear on my head as my rash is so itchy!!)
  2. Me and my bro on a walk with Jasper
  3. My version of Pho chicken soup…. delicious!
  4. Me freaking out other commuters on the train looking a bit tired and battered at the end of the day….. a bald girl wearing a mask!! arrgghhh!!

3 thoughts on “What a day!!!

  1. Sarah Carroll

    Emma!!! Get you!!! I’m exhausted just reading this. You don’t half push yourself girl; talk about self motivation – wow!
    Bloomin brilliant news on your bloods. And getting that last tube removed. And fingers crossed for a speedy improvement on the rash.
    As for your pic on the train – that’s quite funny; I can imagine the reaction from some commuters- the ones who aren’t so well travelled / in the know…but I think you’d be in good company in China 😉
    Seriously though, this all sounds like positive stuff and my word you deserved the food that your brother made for you at the end of the day!!

    Lots of love
    Sarah xx


  2. Chris Onions

    Busy, busy, busy! Good when a plan comes together and progress is made. Hope they soon make some progress with identifying the cause of the rash and coming up with a solution. Love and best wishes. Chris x. PS regards to Robbie. I didn’t know he was such an accomplished cook.


  3. I love it when a trip to hospital goes so smoothly and you feel like you’ve achieved loads. So satisfying 😊

    I’m enjoying keeping track of your progress Emma. I had my transplant from an unrelated donor a week ago today and at day +7 I count myself very, very lucky to be “trucking on through” ( my consultants terminology) and not having to much yeuchy stuff to deal with.

    Now I’m just waiting on the graft to happen and then hopefully escape home…..and fresh air!!!!!!!’

    I hope you ” keep on trucking on” too


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