The only way is up!

(baby….. for you and me….. *ahem*)

Day +12

My blood counts are slowly increasing meaning that my bone marrow is actually starting to graft and do it’s thing.19.01

This is all being helped by an injection called gcsf. Which unfortunately doesn’t come without its own side effects. Essentially my bones are all really aching, particularly in my back. On top of the muscle aches from the chemo it makes it quite hard to sleep. This however has been my only real complain of today and yesterday other than serious fatigue!! Also the plus side of pain killers is that they can cause constipation so I’ve no longer got diarrhea.

Gcsf is the same injection used as part of the process of donating bone marrow. The reason I’m in so much pain is the combo with the chemo side effects and that my marrow is starting from zero. I’m essentially regrowing my whole bone marrow. Where as it would just be giving yours a boost top up! When I’ve had it as top up injections my aches have never been this bad!!

In other news after pulling out clumps of hair last night and in the shower this morning it felt like time to get the clippers out. I let my dad do the honours who decided to give me a (very wonky) mohawk:


Today I managed to escape the hospital for a bit of fresh air which was amazing. First time I’ve walked out of my room and gone outside since wednesday. Was pretty tiring to walk out but it was definitely worth it!!

The plan at the moment is I need to complete a 10 day course of IV antibiotics for the infection I had last week and then I should be allowed home. So we are looking at early next week! I’ve even been switched to all oral medication to get me ready. All a bit scary and exciting!


2 thoughts on “The only way is up!

  1. Sarah Carroll

    I’ll name that tune in one: Yas (and the plastic population); a classic! Anyway, great choice of song to announce such fantastic news!! You suited the ‘Mo’; should’ve kept it a while πŸ˜‰ But you’re rocking the Sinead O’Connor look, and seriously apt as ‘nothing compares to you’; you’re a top girl!!

    My school mum friend has started her 3rd round of chemo this week, and seriously Emma, your detailed blogs have helped me to understand what she’s been through and is going through. I made her a super spicy chilli tonight, to save her from cooking and to knock her socks off- she enjoyed it! Like you, she (Chris) is a fighter and is being so brave.

    SO, you escaped for a bit today, and you’re on oral meds…maybe allowed home soon…well you just take it as it comes and listen to your body. You know all of this. But most of all, keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

    Positive thoughts & continued prayers. Sarah xx


  2. Ros and Pete Henshaw

    You are just amazing Emma. There is such an incredible scary cost to your fight. Pain and discomfort too. So pleased you are responding. To think you’ve had to fight for treatment to give you life! Sending lots of love.


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