The waiting game…

Day +10

Hopefully you will all be pleased to hear that I am feeling much better than yesterday. Pooing less, haven’t vomited since yesterday morning, although my back is aching today after a few days of being slumped in bed.

I have actually  spent most of the day sat up and have done the odd bit of colouring in:

Now I apologise for the graphicness of my blog of late, but I did say I would try not to leave anything out!! Its your choice to read it or not…..

Yesterday after some strong antisickness drug nozinan with magic sedation powers I caught up on masses of sleep. Although unfortunately being sedated means you don’t always wake up to go to the toilet…….So now I am wearing NHS issue incontinence pads, which are essentially nappies that sit in your pants. My mum has also gone and bought me extra supplies: more fresh knickers (a few pairs have been thrown in the bin), moist flushable bum wipes, softer tissue roll (bum was started to bleed with the NHS supply!) and some sanitary towels to use during the day so I’m not constantly wearing the nappy!


I’ve also been eating more today and magically pooing less 🙂 I’ve been trying to get in some goodness but the main things I’ve been attempting are shown in the picture but I’ve basically been eating dry salty things and trying to rehydrate so I don’t have to have more IV fluids as my face is still really puffy!!


Fingers crossed if I sleep well tonight then tomorrow things can only get better. As the card Annie sent says I will ‘Keep soldiering on’. If all things go to plan then I should have some neutrophils by the end of the week and the chemo side effects should continue to lessen.

The waiting game continues!!

One thought on “The waiting game…

  1. Jenny

    Glad to hear you’ve caught up on some sleep and are feeling a little better Emma. You sound amazingly upbeat considering everything, and even summoning the energy to write updates must be a challenge. It’s good to hear how you’re doing. Keep soldiering on!! Jenny x


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