Rock bottom got lower….

Sorry I’ve been a bit distant but i’ve had a rough few days and I’m gonna keep it brief as I’m still struggling.

So Wednesday night I spiked a temperature and it stayed up all of Thursday regardless of paracetamol. On Thursday I also started to have diarrhea to the point that by the evening I was sat on the toilet for nearly an hour  just clearing through a few tuc biscuits. Also after a sleeping tablet there was a need for fresh pj’s, bed sheet and a shower in the early hours of the morning…… the reality of chemo.

Thursday night the doctors decided to switch my ciclosporin to tacrolimus and by friday morning I turned to spewsville. Friday morning I woke up with a throbbing headache and couldn’t keep and food or drink down all day. My systolic bp has averaged around 130 compared to my normal average around 100 which I think added to my throbbing. I have barely even watched TV since wednesday as I can’t cope with the noise and light. The most frustrating thing was not being able to sleep last night due to the throbbing and my room being sweltering!

So today with the help of some extra antisickness I have managed to keep some food down and sleep a bit (one has a sedative effect). No idea what is really causing all this, but hopefully it will settle down in the next few days!




4 thoughts on “Rock bottom got lower….

  1. Diana Lockyer

    You poor poor thing Emma. Sorry to hear that you are having such a horrible time. We do hope that you soon start to feel better. Keep your brave, funny, beautiful pecker up. We are all thinking of you now that you are on this difficult journey. xx


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