Hitting rock bottom

Day +5

The chemo has proven its worth and has killed off my old stem cells so they are no longer producing my blood cells. My immune system has now gone down to near enough 0 (0.02 today):


Now is the time when I need to be uber careful about getting infections. I have to wear my mask if I leave my room (although they would prefer I didn’t leave my room!!). Also as my platelets have dropped down I no longer have to have daily injections to prevent thrombosis. Instead I get to rock out these beautiful teds:

Right so how am I doing? I’m starting to struggle a bit as the fatigue kicks in. I’m only managing around 5-7k steps a day instead of my usual 10-17k steps and even then I’m left pretty tired. Had to give in and have afternoon naps yesterday and today. Its affecting my attention span too. I find I don’t really want to do anything (i.e. my knitting or crochet, etc) which then in turn effects my mood. So I’ve felt a bit flatter the last few days.

Other than the fatigue nothing else has really changed. My mouth still tastes nasty and feels fuzzy, my appetite is still non existent, my stomach has become a bit more acidic, my body aches and I’m getting muscle spasms. No true nausea or diarrhea (the antisickness meds and lack of eating have sorted that out) however I am getting a bit of “faceal overflow”!! Won’t give anymore detail than that! ha ha


2 thoughts on “Hitting rock bottom

  1. Sarah

    Hi Emma, gosh you’re really going through it now, and I hope it’s not long at all before you turn the corner. You don’t need anyone’s advice of course, as you know best yourself, but I really hope you can convince that super-charged brain of yours to go slow for a little while and allow your body to rest. I’m channelling energy your way. Thinking of you! Sarah x


  2. Katherine

    Sounds grim, I’m so impressed at how much you are still doing! This is all very educational too and it’s great to hear how you are doing.


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