Place your bets now….

Day -2 – CAMPATH…..arrgghh

Only two days (incuding today) of chemo left!! Campath today, and last time this drug made me feel rubbish. It gave me very high temperature spikes which got worse with each dose. This apparently unusual as normally your body would get used to the drug and stop reacting as badly, but I don’t like to stick to the norm!! We aren’t sure what will happen this time so the nurse has slowed down the infusion to 4 hours to try and reduce the reaction. Will I react worse because I’ve had doses before or better? Suppose we will find out in a few hours time!! Place your bets now!!

I’ve been terrible with my hickman line dressing. I think because the site is on my boob and the dressing goes round my armpit the dressing gets too much movement. I’ve had to fashion a waterproof cover from an apron to try and prevent the nurses from having to change the dressing every day!! Please excuse the slightly booby picture but I thought it was quite amusing….


As expected the nurses haven’t been able to keep me in my room. I have been out an about walking around 10km each day around the park. I also sneaked out to get my nails done the other day!! (Don’t worry I wore my mask) For me if I’m able to do normal things makes such a difference. I think a lot of people instantly think they feel ill just because they are an inpatient. Where as in actual fact my bloods are the best they have been in months and so far *touches wood* the chemo isn’t giving me an adverse effects. So no one is going to keep me in my room whilst I feel well!!

I’m also trying to stick with healthy eating whilst i can with various smoothies and vegetables. Get myself full of veggies and protein to give my body the nutrients it needs. I’m still eating chocolate too, but it balances out if you have a carrot right?? A piece of advice to other patients is to find food supplements that you don’t mind eating as it is likely that eating will be a struggle with transplant. I have bought in my nutribullet so I can make smoothies with peeled fruits and vegtables and mix with various protein powder and oats as I’m not good with milk/dairy. See what works for you; fortisips complan, milk, etc.

I have also added a few things to my “essentials” list. Possibly not essentials, but I have found them really useful so far!

P.S. Best wee in a jug is only 650ml so far!






2 thoughts on “Place your bets now….

    1. Sorry you are going to have to go through all this Rachel, its nasty stuff. Campath isn’t pleasant but the side effects are controllable with anihistamine and steroids so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Most people get hives and temperatures I believe, but my reaction this time was different to my last one. With the hives a cold flannel was beneficial for the itching, so I reckon a cold shower would have been awesome if I hadn’t been so lazy!! x


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