Geeky chart moment…..

Day -4

Still feeling spookily well, which I’m very happy about!! Still managing to stay in a good mood and enjoying various “feeling good” playlists on spotify 🙂

I slept better last night after a chilled out yoga session to put me in the mood. Going to give it ago again tonight to see if it will help me build a routine. Today I’ve Been out for a short walk to the supermarket in the nasty rain with my dad, did a aerobics and resistance workout in my room and had a visit from Liz. I’m trying my hardest to keep active and moving around as long as I possibly can, will all make me stronger when times get a bit tougher.

I thought I would embrace the analyst in me and keep a spreadsheet with my blood results so I can track how I’m doing. I’ve also decided I will share the neutrophil chart with everyone as this gives an idea of where I am in my treatment. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that fight bacteria and infection in your body.

Initially the aim is to blast my bone marrow and get rid of it, consequently my neutrophils will go down to 0. Then it is the waiting game. I will only be allowed home once my bone marrow starts to produce blood and not considered to be neutropenic, this is anything above 1. This is considered a safe level to be at home with. (Although my neutrophils were around 0.01 for 6/7 weeks which is why i got so many infections!!) I have also flagged the MINIMUM normal level on the chart just to give a bit of perspective, however bear in mind “normal” ranges between 2.2 and 6.3.

Now fellow AIMIA data vis champions please hold back on any negative comments on my chart, remember I’m sick eh? 😉


So today on the chart my neutrophils are above 1 so I’m allowed to eat normally(ish) and I’m not considered as high risk. This is the diet restrictions for neutropenic patients if anyone is interested.


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