Change of plans and my new home

Yesterday evening I got a phone call to say that I had a bed on Waddington ward. Now yesterday was the 29th, I was anticipating not going into hospital until the 30th at the earliest there was no way I was expecting to have a bed earlier. Consequently I was a little shocked and under prepared. In typical Emma style I hadn’t packed ANYTHING, leaving it all to the last minute! My only saving grace was that I had actually done all my washing in preparation for packing.

So my mum and stepdad rushed back to Peterborough to help me pack and we set off to London at 7pm. We grabbed a sandwich on route and made our way to Kings. On arrival at 9:30pm we were told the room wasn’t yet clean!! 2 hours I waited for my room to be cleaned….. most frustrating thing is we might as well have had a proper meal on route and also my mum and stepdad didn’t then get home till the small hours!

Mentally I’m not sure I was ready either. Although are you ever really ready to have your body pumped full of chemo? The one advantage is that it saved me having a day sat next to the phone waiting for a bed as it was unexpected, so it probably saved me a lot of stress. Also now I’m here it means I can set my room up properly whilst I have energy and aren’t attached to a pump.

As I’m in a day early then today is all about preparations. They are trying to get my hickman line in a bit earlier but I’m allowed to roam around once that has been done. Plan is to keep myself busy, visit some friends and avoid thinking about what tomorrow holds!!

This is now home for the next month or so!!



2 thoughts on “Change of plans and my new home

  1. Diana Lockyer

    You certainly had a frustrating and exhausting day yesterday. Your poor Mum & Stepdad getting back so late. Sounds as if the whole thing could have been delayed until today which is the date you were given. Thinking of you Emma. Good luck!


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