Dom chemignon!

The nurses served me up some Dom Chemignon today:


One of the nurses, Tami, used to be a graphics designer and decided to make some adult chemo stickers inspired by the childrens superhero chemo covers. I opted for champagne but she had done something to suit everyone’s taste; vodka, malibu, bourbon, lager! Bit of fun in the chemo unit, sums up the nurses at Peterborough pretty well!! It’s the little things like this that can totally change your hospital experience and put you at ease. These nurses are amazing and always seem to put the patients first even if it means they don’t get their lunch till after 3pm when working a 10 hour shift!! I can never say enough good things about them!!

Tomorrow I am going to London to sign my consent forms and find out what the plan is for transplant. My main aim is to ensure that they are going to give me enough chemo. The last thing I want now is for them to be skimping on the chemo. Yes it will make me feel like complete and utter shite….. Yes I am dreading it…. and Yes I would well and truly have to face my vomiting fear again….. BUT…. I am not risking this fecker coming back again, this is potentially my last time to fight this and I want to make sure we kill the c*nt!! (Sorry mum, but it is the best word to describe it)

I am still feeling pretty anxious at the moment. I’m hoping this will all settle a bit after finding out the plan tomorrow, but equally it might even make it all feel a bit more real!!! Potentially 13 days till D Day…… Aaaaaarrghhhh

Had a lovely evening today being Skyped into the loyalty analytics xmas party and getting my own secret santa present! I even got sent my own poem and gift (although the gift hasn’t arrived yet unfortunately). Was so much fun to see everyone and hear all the poems, although has made me a bit sad. Made me realise how much I miss all that crazy lot at AIMIA, although good to know you haven’t forgotten about me yet!!



2 thoughts on “Dom chemignon!

  1. Diana & Pete Graver

    Thinking of you so much @ present Emma. Do hope your visit to Kings was satisfactory. Pete & I hope you can enjoy Christmas without worrying too much. You will then be in our thoughts from 29 Dec onwards.


  2. Diana Lockyer

    I hope that everything went satisfactorily @ Kings today. Pete and I have been thinking of you a lot and will be doing so more from 29 December onwards. Good luck courageous, humourus Emma x


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