Patience is a virtue….

It seems after many weeks post chemo my bone marrow is finally showing some signs of recovery!! This is totally unexpected, the doctors all thought that after one round of chemo my bone marrow would empty out and fail however this does not seem to be the case!! I’m a bit late in the recovery, normally it would take 3 weeks, I’ve taken nearly 5 I think but who cares!!

I have gone a week without platelets and they are actually climbing, not much but they were 20 on Friday and were 31 today! I haven’t seen a climb in my platelets without a transfusion in over 6 months! Also my HB has stayed constant and my neutrophils are hovering above 1!

At this stage this doesn’t mean much, I will still have to have the bone marrow transplant. However, it is a sign that the chemo course did eradicate some of the disease and has allowed some good cells to be produced. This could mean that I am edging towards remission and therefore ready for the transplant which is great news.

Amazingly I’m still currently at home and feeling well. Jaw is still a bit niggly but my gland has gone down. I’m getting out and about and enjoying the freedom of being at home. I’m cooking good foods, getting on with my knitting, doing a bit of girly time and even heading back to the gym. Being at home and going to the gym is making me realise how wasted my muscles are though, back in September I did 4 hours of spinning without too many complaints but now I can barely hold my own weight standing up on the bike!! Its crazy, I can literally grab the skin where my calves and quads used to be!!

knitting, gyming and eating!

I’m still spending a lot of time at the hospital (2:£0 – 6:30 today!!), which is getting longer due to the number of patients being crammed in before xmas….. ergghh…. the poor nurses!! My nurse today didn’t get her lunch until 5pm today!! How ridiculous is that!?!?

The only thing I’m struggling a bit with at the moment is sleep. Once I’m asleep I’m fine and I sleep for hours, but getting to sleep is proving a struggle. I find that once my head hits the pillow I start reliving my previous transplant journey, wondering what I can do to make it better this time or how I’m going to cope. Worries such as “If they give me stronger chemo will I spend the whole time vomiting?”. In the grand scheme of things I really shouldn’t be concerned about the vomiting, the fact they are going to pretty much kill me with chemo and then bring me back to life with someone else’s stem cells should be the scary part really, but I suppose that’s not how phobias work!! Anyway, I’m hitting up the sleeping tablets and going to try a stronger dose the next few nights to see if I can get myself back into a routine.

I have also been playing around with wigs, hats and redyeing the hair (decided I would risk the rest of it falling out!!)! What do you think?? I do have the issue that I have a tiny head and have to get the petite sizes which leaves me with limited choice but I bought the wig on the left in the end, Macie! Think she looks pretty good, and will look even better once the hairdresser has hacked her a bit!!

Anyone fancy helping me choose my NHS wig? I can get a free one from the NHS from this site:


2 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue….

  1. Jenny

    Hi Emma – Love the wig! It looks very natural. And I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your freedom and things seem to be moving in the right direction 😊. I hope the sleeping pills do the trick for you X


  2. Ros and Pete Henshaw

    Hello Emma
    Lovely to hear the positive news. You’re so incredibly resilient. Your news may read as small steps but its huge! it’s so good to see you out of hospital and getting more control of your life. Sending hugs and our thoughts are always with you.
    Ros and Pete


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