New year, New me!

Tonight will be my 6th night at home in my own bed….. think it is the longest I’ve stayed at home infection free since September!! Woop woop!

I spent the weekend mostly sleeping, eating and going for short walks. Monday it was back to hospital appointments. The hole in my mouth is healing well, my glands have gone down and I’m no longer knocking back the morphine! I’m on IV anti fungal treatment Monday/Wednesday/Friday which basically means i can write off half a day to the hospital!!  Here is the vibrant stuff and me out walking (showing off one of my suburban turban hats!! Love it!):

Tuesday was a trip  on the train to Kings to get stabbed for my bone marrow biopsy and get injected with some radioactive stuff to test my renal function!! Bone marrow biopsy was pretty nasty but I managed to get a registrar that I know quite well which always makes it easier. The renal test literally just involves an injection of radioactive stuff and then a blood test every hour after to see how quickly your kidneys filter it all out of your blood.

Hiding from the germy passengers on the train to London!

The highlight of the day though was getting to spend time with fellow patients Tannis and Sarah. Great to have time to chat with them and hear how they are getting along. 🙂

Now for the good news……


So I got a phone call from the transplant co-ordinator at Kings today and it seems everything is in place for my transplant in the new year! On the 17th December I will sign all the consent forms (confirming I agree to hideous chemotherapy and all the dangers of going through transplant). On the 29th December I will be admitted to start my pre transplant chemo regime. Around the 9th January I will receive the stem cells from my 31 year old German lady!! (These dates are all of course dependent on the biopsy results as this will determine if I need more chemo before the pre transplant regime)

One thing I want to say is how amazing the German’s are!! There are so many of them on the bone marrow register and so many patients I know have had German donors.

So it seems I’m all set for the new year and literally the new me!!

In other news……. not wanting to miss out any details I have learnt that morphine must have a plugging effect on me as I managed to spend pretty much the whole of Tuesday on the can!


2 thoughts on “New year, New me!

  1. Sarah Carroll

    Brilliant news, and what a great end to 2015 and super start to 2016. Those prayers will keep coming for you, and they’ll continue to be answered. Keep doing what you’re doing Emma! And double hurrah for your German saviours!! 🙂 🙂


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