I didn’t get the chance to beat any PB’s with the wee jug…… think the best I did was 650mls which is just pathetic really! However, it is for a good reason, I am now home!!

After 4 nights at kings with no temperatures they decided I was good to go home. Feels a bit strange though, I was expecting to be there at least a few weeks before I got let home and even then I thought I would be discharged to Peterborough hospital not actually allowed home!! Bit sad in some ways as I was looking forward to seeing more of my friends in London next week, but much better to be home for a bit!!

So what changed the plan??? Initially the idea was I got some granulocyte transfusion from friends, hence the call out on facebook, to boost my white blood cells and give me more of a chance of fighting off these infections. (Thank you again to all those friends that were booked in to donate). Whilst waiting for the donations my consultant decided it was worth having a go at stimulating my own bone marrow with a hormone injection called G-CSF to see what happened. Previously we didn’t want to use these injections as we didn’t want to risk stimulating the cancer, but at this stage it is no longer a concern.

More about G-CSF injections: http://www.macmillan.org.uk/information-and-support/treating/supportive-and-other-treatments/supportive-therapies/g-csf.html

Amazingly the GCSF injections worked and my neutrophil count has gone from 0.01 to 1.9!!! Hopefully these little bug fighters will clear me of my ailments and protect me a bit more going forward!!

As ever at kings the discharge process was frustrating…… After suggesting my dad picks me up in the morning and the pharmacist saying my take home drugs would be ready around 11am we didn’t actually receive the drugs and leave the hospital till after 3pm. Then lucky us got to hit several spots of friday night traffic making it a fun journey home….. ergghh!!!

Medical Plan

Booked in for blood tests monday in Peterborough to check platelet level, etc. Tuesday its a trip to London for another bone marrow biopsy (the Peterborough sample got lost on route…. *sigh*), a renal function test, and an outpatient appointment. It seems that my donor is a match and will be available in January but it all needs to be confirmed, hopefully will find out next week!

My Plan

Attempt to take things easy. I know that when I get tired I am more likely to get run down and get by an infection so I’m going to take my gran’s advice and pretend I’m 70 years old and do mostly sitting……. Well maybe not quite but I am going to try and force myself to slow down a bit!!





2 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Sarah

    Wow, Emma, what a whirlwind week – and what a great end to the week, that’s for sure! I’ve been thinking about you, and when you put the ‘shout out’ for blood donors I knew I couldn’t take part due to me being pregnant, but I was so pleased with the response from all of your friends!! Likewise I’ve got 3 days annual leave next week to take a bit of a step back from work work work, and I wondered if I’d be allowed to visit Kings. But even better news for you- you’ve been allowed home. I have to say, your dad is a diamond – he sounds just brilliant and entirely dedicated to his amazing daughter. As a mum myself (soon to be of 3), I can understand how your dad wants to do whatever is needed to keep you safe, well and happy. Hurrah for your dad therefore! And hurrah for your rest time at home- the best place to really get some R&R and TLC in equal measures. As always, you’re in my thoughts and prayers, and you really do make me realise what’s important in life, and how to focus on the things that matter, and not to sweat the small suff. So thank you for being an inspiration. And most of all, please do heed your wise grandmother’s advice and chill out this weekend / next week :-). Lots of love & positivity xxxx


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