The search is still on for my perfect match – no, not a husband, (although if anyone finds one for me along the way, I won’t complain) but a bone marrow donor.

When matching tissue types, the match is scored out of 10; the higher the score, the lower the chance of my body rejecting the donation. At the moment, I have two possible 9 out of 10 matches, but that’s the best I have got. We are currently researching the register to see if we can find any better matches.

However, time is running out! My immune system is pretty much non-existent, so as soon as we have eradicated the disease we will want to move onto the transplant as soon as possible to reduce my chance of succumbing to more infections. I have been lucky so far, but the next infection might be too much for my lil’ body to manage.

So this is where you lot come in!

Have you considered donating stem cells/ bone marrow? Could you be my perfect match? (Or someone else’s?) 

I promise it isn’t as scary as it sounds! This video explains all that is involved in donating – and does it really sound that bad?

You have two options as a donor:

  1. Donate stem cells  Basically, this is pretty similar to donating blood, but a bit more time consuming! They take the blood out of one arm, whish it round a machine, extract the stem cells, and give you the rest of it back!
  1. Donate bone marrow - This involves a general anaesthetic and the bone marrow being extracted directly from the hip. There are quotes from donors saying that this isn’t as painful afterwards as you would expect (although I of course can’t personally say). Only 1/10 people donate via this method, though.


Please sign up to donate. You might not be #EmmasPerfectMatch, but you might be someone else’s! 

Anthony Nolan: http://www.anthonynolan.org/8-ways-you-could-save-life/donate-your-stem-cells/apply-join-our-register?gclid=CMzKj4y4sckCFdQ_GwodJUcNYg

Delete Blood Cancer (they take on people over 30) : http://www.deletebloodcancer.org.uk/en/register-now

3 thoughts on “#EmmasPerfectMatch

  1. Katherine

    I am on a register! How do they work in terms of matching? In my head they have a bank with your details/needs etc. and then a magical algorithm that they can press a button and see how well you match to any of the donor database.
    I’m guessing it’s a bit more complicated? Do they make a shortlist of possibles and then call those people in to get samples to match the tissue types? Because all they’ve had from me is a blood sample and that’s not enough to do the final level of matching?


    1. Yay thank you for signing up!! I honestly don’t know how it all works properly though!! You are definitely put into some form of database (that I’m sure we could optimise). When a match is found they then have to do a confirmation blood test I believe before they then do the full health screening. xx


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