Do I stay or do I go?

The tooth is out, my temperature is still a bit rocky and although it has taken away a bit of the pain in my jaw but unfortunately we can’t do anything to alleviate the pain in my neck as after further investigation it is clear they are just lots of swollen nodes and glands with no fluid collection. So I’ve just got to wait it out and let the antibiotics do their thing whilst trying out the pain killers!

I got a visit from the pain clinic specialists yesterday who were really helpful in trying to work out the most effective pain relief for me. I hate the sudden drowzy feeling from the oramorph/codine unless I am wanting to go to sleep so these just weren’t working well for me. Also, the pain is mostly coming from the inflammation in my nodes which doesn’t seemed to be helped much by them anyway. So I’ve now been put on some slow release morphine tablets and some others to help relax the muscles (note to self- find out the street value of these). They seem to help with the pain whilst keeping me a bit less drowsy and I slept much better last night!! Although I am still a bit off my face…..taken nearly an hour to write this much and I’m exhausted!

Yesterday I had my bone marrow biopsy although the registrar found it pretty hardwork to get through my bones, I even bent one of the needles. Love what all my weight training has done, no chance of osteoporosis for me!! I didn’t manage to get any pictures yesterday but here is some images of a previous bone marrow biopsy sample in July.

The first one is the aspirate, the liquid part of the bone marrow, the second is the trephine which is a solid collection. Yesterday the registrar only managed to get a trephine sample as I am notoriously hard work at getting any aspirate out. Luckily though I found the process almost pain free after the local anesthetic was in, spent the majority of the time giggling at the effort it was putting on her!! (Might be something to do with my morphine too though!!)

What is a bone marrow biopsy?:

(Most peoples will take less than 20 minutes in total….. The last one where a doctor managed to get a full sample took 1.5 hours!!!)

Do I stay or do I go?!?!?

On a transplant note Kings are now beginning to panic. They have decided its in my best interest to come to their hospital. They beleive that by me being at their hospital they can speed up the transplant process. Now how this will happen I don’t really know.

For starters we have only just done the day 28 bone marrow biopsy to determine if i’m in remission then we won’t get the results for a few weeks and I might need more chemo anyway.

Secondly, the donor hasn’t even been confirmed yet! It  can take weeks for a donor to be tested, have the check ups etc. I don’t understand how this can be sped up.

But mostly I don’t understand why I actually have to be at Kings for the speeding up to happen? Why isn’t the knowledge that I’m in any hospital good enough? And no one is able to explain why!!

Now I am happy to go to kings with the knowledge that some form of treatment or plan is in place. i.e. come in monday we will do liver/lung tests, etc that week and then all being good you will start chemo friday. I would have have almost a start point, and a rough end point depending on complications/infections. BUT I don’t want to go in knowing i could be there for a number of weeks with NOTHING happening different to what Peterborough could have been doing especially now things are back under control.

So they have booked me for a bed transfer…… but when we get the call to say there is a bed available it is still my call to decide if I want to go or not…..

Anyway Phew! Thats enough whilst in this morphine haze…. Apologies if things aren’t as literate as normal!!




One thought on “Do I stay or do I go?

  1. Hey man. Sounds like you are putting up with some pretty crap stuff, hope those antibiotics help soon. Re: pain killers. I can never understand why they give out coedine and oramorph as a first point. They never worked for me except to send me to sleep and wake up 20 mins later still in the same pain! Not to mention playing havoc with your stomach. Tramadol or oxycoedine worked best for me although it was a fight to convince them I morphine wasn’t the answer. Hang in there dude we are thinking of you x


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