Does the tooth fairy exist?

Well what a fun few days its been……. where to start?

So my jaw and neck have gradually got more swollen:


I’ve been stuck on pureed food, soups, soft foods, build up shakes etc for the last week. But to be honest I haven’t really fancied eating because of my constant temperatures, the antibiotic effects, the pain and then the effects of the pain killers. I also haven’t been doing anything, just mostly lieing in bed.

I’ve been slowly getting braver with the pain killers. Taking a mixture of paracetamol (the best at helping with the pain from the inflammation), oramorph (the best to swill round mouth and help with localised pain) and codine. Doctor has now prescribed me some tramadol but that freaks me out a bit!! I really hate taking pain killers full stop. I hate the woozy feeling. I hate the idea of taking new ones and not knowing if they are going to make me be sick. But I’ve had to give in and start taking them as I’m just not sleeping properly and the fatigue is setting in.

After seeing no improvement in my swelling, pain or temperature the decision was made to remove the source of infection (the tooth) and to try and drain down the swelling. I was initially told this would all be done under local anesthetic without even any sedative, which was the point when I lost it!! My jaw can barely open and they reckoned they were just going to numb it and then prise it open……. what the hell?!!??! Well I got ever so slightly hysterical…… and managed to get them to agree to give me  sedative and was promised that I wouldn’t know what was going on at the time.

So from 2am this morning I was nil by mouth other than water, and then occaisional sips of water from 6am (so really no water from 2am) as I was down to theatre around 8/9am in the morning. However, despite my nurses and doctors chasing to get a time I wasn’t actually collected till 3pm, and couldn’t drink water till 4:30pm!! I was gasping!!

But did the strong sedative really happen? Of course not. I was given a sedative to “relax me”. Which meant because I am stubborn and fight sedatives I was awake the whole way through sobbing. But the surgeon controlled my pain very well, so at least thats something and in a weird way I found it less nasty a procedure than a filling because at least there isn’t loads of drilling and I wasn’t tilted backwards.

The source of infection
                         The source of infection

So now I’ve got to wait for the swelling to go down, the gum to heal over (Its currently got a huge blood clot sat on it which makes me feel quite ill to look at), and my temperature to hopefully settle.

Bigger picture plan….. assuming no other complications I should be having my bone marrow biopsy done tomorrow to determine what my level of leukaemic cells have reduced to. Fingers crossed.

Now what to do with my tooth tonight? If I leave it under my pillow will i get a visit from the tooth fairy?

4 thoughts on “Does the tooth fairy exist?

  1. Sarah

    Oh Emma, what an ordeal! I dont kow what’s worse- tooth ache & swollen gums, going without water for so many hours, or dental surgery without aneasthetic; but having to deal with all three simultaneously!! You deserve a medal for bravery! So, did you leave the tooth under your pillow for the fairy? I really hope the pain and swelling subsides now, and you start to feel a lot better and regain some of that energy that you’re renowned for! I must tell you that you still look very cute in your beany hat, in the pics you posted :-), despite – as you say – some swelling. You’re an absolute trooper, Emma. And I have every faith in the tooth fairy bringing you the gift of luck- you deserve some. So, fingers crossed that you feel much better in the next few days – even this morning, after last night’s rest (I hope you slept a bit better). I’m routing for you. Lots of love, Sarah & family xxxx


  2. Diana Lockyer

    I wish I could come and act as tooth fairy. You are being so brave and this latest infection is unexpected and really infuriating for you. As if you havent had enough different infections. Look after yourself.


  3. Jenny

    Oh Emma, you poor sausage!! Thank goodness that tooth is out and fingers crossed things will settle down now and you might soon be able to eat solid food.

    Good luck for the results tomorrow xx


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