An overwhelming desire to masticate

So that I don’t have to resort to pureed foods like this! (although the baby food is actually quite nice!!)

It seems its some form of infection in my gums/jaw/teeth but they can’t quite work out where as there is no obvious swelling around one tooth or anything showing up on the x-ray. Yesterday though the pain and swelling had got that bad that i could barely get my toothbrush between my teeth as my jaw wouldn’t open! Consequently I have been on mashed food like the above for the last few days, which despite its appearance doesn’t actually taste that different to the normal food.

The last couple of days have involved HEAVY duty antibiotics and lots of prodding and poking of my mouth.

*poke* “Does this hurt?”

“uh huh”

*poke* “Does this hurt?”


“Is that bit tender then?” – you think?!?!?

Although every bloody prod hurts because you are prodding so hard. Even the parts of my gum that weren’t sore now are!

After all the prodding and several consultations between doctors they decided which tooth might be the cause of the infection and have offered to pull it out for me!! What the hell?? After me questioning she did then say I could have a root canal instead at my normal dentist….. Er let me think…. A hole in my gob or a root canal? Think I will go with the root canal please! So now its down to me to sort out the logistics of signing up to a local dentist and getting my teeth checked out there, etc, etc in the few free hours/days I get from hospital. Probably with the end result that he refers me to the hospital as he is too scared to do any treatment on me with such low immune system and platelets!!

In other news there was an amusing bedpan incident today…. I kindly asked one of the HCA’s to remove bedpans from my bathroom but she got whisked away to do another job. In the meantime I went and had a quick shower and came out and to my horror found that one of the bedpans had leaked all over the bathroom floor!!! Managed to get the same HCA back to clear up the mess!! Ha ha… The joys of working in a hospital eh?

Quick hair update….. I am looking very thin compared to normal and a little patchy but have still got very good coverage (yay for having looaaaddsss of hair)! So this one cycle of chemo might not have killed it all off. This was what my sink looked like wednesday after a quick 1 minute style over it, and I have been pulling out handfuls but luckily not clumps. Will see how it goes over the next few days, but less seemed to fall out today for sure so might hang on for a bit just for a bit of winter warmth.




3 thoughts on “An overwhelming desire to masticate

  1. Katherine

    Ugh, dental pain! Agree on the root canal preference though! Do doctors know all that much about teeth? Hope they can sort the tooth quickly, it’s just one thing after another.


    1. Yeah I think everywhere in my body is just a potential source of infection at the moment!! It feels like the infection is all in my gums on the entire left side of my face! Luckily non of the hot/cold sharp pains like normal dental pain though.

      Hope you are doing ok! Sorry to hear you are leaving, but good luck in your new venture!! X


  2. Carla

    Oh Emma! Fingers crossed the infection goes down soon. P.s. Just did a mammoth catch up on your blog and love that you walked 4 miles to satisfy your avocado craving! Much love to you. Xx


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