Would just like a break……

I’m currently sat in haemotology/oncolocogy outpatients unit waiting for a bed to be ready on the ward because it seems the once daily antibiotics i was having as an outpatient haven’t been powerful enough.

No real idea what has caused the infection yet. Only suspicion is that I’ve got a lot of discomfort in my jaw , although the dental care team checked it out yesterday and said its just the muscles are sore from me grinding my teeth, no sign of infection.

My mood is starting to drop a little now, just getting really fed up with it all. I want to be in my own bed and have teh freedom to do what I want when I want. I’m having to cancel any plans I made (i.e. wig consultation this afternoon, lunch with friends, etc). The nurse suggested I could rearrange them, but when to??? I only managed 4 days out of hospital this time, I have no idea how long I will be in for, and whenever i make the plans they get messed up! I also have a feeling that until I get new stem cells it is unlikely that I will make it out of hospital for any length of time.

I just want a break……..

7 thoughts on “Would just like a break……

  1. Ross Feakes

    Hey Emma,

    Try and keep your head up – we are all thinking of you down here. Let me know when is a good time to have a chat, it would be good to catch-up 🙂

    Ross x


  2. Jenny

    Oh Emma, I feel for you. Such a shame to have your freedom taken away again so soon. Fingers crossed that you will soon recover and be able to go home X


  3. Rebecca

    Keep your chin up Em!

    We are all missing you at work – it’s really quiet in ISS now 😦

    Will drop you a message on What’sapp or the like to touch base…



  4. Rebecca Whawell

    Keep your chin up Em!

    We are missing you at work! It’s so quiet in ISS at the moment 😦

    I’ll drop you a message on What’s app or the like to touch base….



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