Hollywood style

I went to the toilet earlier and realised I had filled my pants……. with pubes!! Ha ha!!

Now I did say I wouldn’t hold back in this blog and this is definitely something I want to talk about because no one ever does!! But chemo effects AAALLLLL hair!! Your head, your armpits, your legs, your eyebrows, your eyelashes, Β and your lady garden!

Last time I managed to keep my eyebrows and eyelashes, which I was very grateful for as I think this does make things seem more normal for me when I looked in the mirror, but this time I might not be as lucky. Wait and see I guess! In the meantime I will practice drawing those arches so I don’t end up looking like this:

4 thoughts on “Hollywood style

  1. Linda.coultrup@yahoo.co.uk

    Emma I lost all body hair like you and pubes were the first to grow back but a slimmed down version 😝. Armpit hairs are just starting to grow back 10 months on and hairs on my legs about 9 months but my eye lashes have fallen out 3 times, time before last they grew back incredibly – really long and curly it was quite a challenge with glasses 😁. They have been coming out again 10 months on but not all together as before so had several long lashes on the outer edge but stubbles on the inner edge! Now equal all over but not very long anymore! Didn’t expect that. I managed to go out without a wig in Aug, 6 months after my chemo but my hair isn’t growing back equally, and as for the texture baby soft not straight or curly almost crinkly – I have a golden retriever and when he’s wet his ears go crinkly well they say owners look like their dogs 😹. Take care lovely xxxx


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