Gutted at my unremarkable bowels!

Today I had my CT scan to check for an obstructions before I was allowed to go home. Here is me getting ready before my journey through the doughnut:


A CT scan is pretty similar to a normal x-ray other than the machine passes you through the doughnut and you hold you breath for about 3 seconds whilst it does it. Reckon it all looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie!! I don’t find it claustrophobic at all because you just pass in and out of this little doughnut, its note a tunnel. Its also not noisy at all really, a bit of whirring and it just speaks to you to tell you when to hold your breath.

The most unpleasant part is having to drink loads of water beforehand to fill your bladder and then having the dye injected. The dye gives you a whole hot rush throughout your body making you feel like you are wetting your pants!! Luckily I hadn’t but I did have to check!!

So what do my bowels look like? Unremarkable apparently according to the report…. just a little bit of constipation……..


So I am now home….. sat waiting for my dad to build up the fire and ordering an indian takeaway as a cheeky little treat!! Got to go back to hospital every day for the next week or so for a dose of IV antibiotics and blood tests, but hopefully I will get a longer run at home this time 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gutted at my unremarkable bowels!

  1. Sarah

    HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 My son, Edward (“Teddy”) had one of those scans when he was about 2 years old, for a kidney complaint, and boy did he screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam the roof off! You looked pretty chilled out in that pic, like you’re on a First Class fully flat bed; bet it was a VERY expensive piece of kit eh 😉 A cosy fire and a firey curry is truly well deserved. I made a lunch hour express chilli (was WFH today) and if you lived a bit closer I’d drive over with a pot for you, dagnamit. But nothing beats a Friday night curry. ENJOY! xx



    SO you went home but they still kept me on MAU! That said I was transferred to Kings Fri night! How was the takeaway? Was it worth the wait? Hope you’re still home? What’s the news on your transplant? I’m in Friday but we should probably keep apart we don’t want to swap our bowel challenges 😜


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