Joy from the simplest of things!

After being told yesterday afternoon I wasn’t on a fluid balance chart anymore so I didn’t have to use bedpans anymore actually made me fist pump the sky and woop for joy!! There is nothing more wonderful than being able to use the toilet properly after a few days using those horrid cardboard pans! So whats the issue? Let’s just say using bedpans you get a lot closer to your bodily outputs; both the smell and looks!! Not the most pleasant if already feeling a bit nauseous! ha ha!! Also, the embarrassment of having to ask someone to carry away and measure your wee/poo doesn’t ever really reduce. 😦

On a different note today I was on a mission to try and find food I fancied to eat. I’ve been eating 500-1,000 calories a day since the infection came back on Wednesday due to a loss of appetite, nausea and stomach cramps. I had a dietician come see me on monday and since then the aim is to try and find food with the most amount of calories in small quanitites to try and get my energy levels up a bit. So I set off on a mission to Sainsbury’s (via McDonalds of course…..) with a massive craving for burgers and avocados!! BUT I walked all the way there and then realised I had left my purse at the hospital, never been so disappointed!!! 😦

I then returned later with my dad, but we measured the distance as we walked and I realised in total I had walked 4 miles today, maybe taking away the point in the high calorie food mission!!! However I purchased a random selection of avocados, little cheeses, mini fruit smoothies, naked bars, almond milk and rice puddings. I have never enjoyed an avocado so much when we finally got it back!!

So the standard health update….. stomach cramps are gradually reducing, but the plan is to do a CT scan in the next few days to get a view of how much inflammation I’ve got in my bowel so we can monitor it. Ideally they would like to do a colonoscopy but they don’t want to encourage infection by putting things inside me!

The blood cultures show the ESBL is back…… really is a superbug!!! It is likely that this is the cause of the stomach cramps so they have got me on the right antibiotics now, and stopped the rest. As usual I am to stay in until I’ve finished the course with consideration that I could go home on a different once daily antibiotic if we think it will be effective. Temperature is staying down though which is a good sign we are getting on top of it.

Tomorrow I’m attending a “headstrong” appointment where I will find out about all my hair loss options. Will let you know what its like!

No transplant news…….

2 thoughts on “Joy from the simplest of things!

  1. Sarah

    Hi Emma, oh my word – the purse incident sounds like a shocker!! You really didn’t need that!! And as for the 4 mile walk, why doesn’t that surprise me somehow- you are a gym bunny after all. After reading this I could almost taste the avocado too!! Luckily the avocado switched my thoughts away from poo 😉
    Right, I’ve finally packaged up my little gift parcel for you and I’m posting it to your parents address tomorrow for next day delivery- thanks to Liz at work for sending me your address. Just a few little bits & bobs to say that I’m thinking of you – and my family are thinking of you too (“is that for Emma, mummy?”). It’s very sweet to see how much children care about other people; I’ve been telling them about you and they’re very interested to hear how you’re doing.
    Take care, Sarah xx


    1. I was not a happy bunny finding out I had forgotten it that’s for sure, but the extra walk was good for building back a bit of muscle anyway!! Oh thank you Sarah, so cute to think of your kids thinking of me too, but you really didn’t need to! I will make sure my dad keeps an eye out for it 🙂 xx


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