Quite a fright…..

After a pretty good week, temperature staying down, chemo no causing too much grief and even being allowed out on day/evening release to go to Handmade in Peterborough (My local craft group that meet on a monday night at the Brewery Tap 7 – 9pm http://www.handmadeinpeterborough.com/) things took a sudden turn during the early hours of Thursday morning.

After a week with no temperature Tuesday evening 10pm was my last dose of antibiotics to treat my gastro inflammation/infection. During wednesday day I had gone out with my dad, done a (very) gentle stretch and relax class and had lunch out I started to get the pain in my abdomen again. By the time I got back to hospital I was feeling a bit tired, but all my observations were within the normal range. By the evening they started to spike to 37.7 so my night became filled with blood cultures, on call doctors and registrars, antibiotics and further blood tests.

Despite two lots of paracetamol by the early morning my temperature had gone up to a wopping 41.7/40.9 (depending on which ear…. weird i know…) and i didn’t feel too clever…. especially as I decided to attempt to walk to the bathroom by myself…fine on the way there, trying to get back wasn’t so easy!! (Please note I didn’t realise my temperature was that high when I started walking to the bathroom, I might be stubborn and stupid at times but I’m not sure I’m quite that stupid!!)

Now it got really exciting! I had the nurses rushing in to do my obs and check everything and my heart rate was through the roof (150 when normally its about 65). I had become a sweaty mess within seconds. My veins felt like they were going to pop through my skin. My hands were so swollen I could barely move them. I couldn’t speak. My whole body was shaking.  It was a pretty scary time!

The team were great though – Nurse Zara was to my rescue getting me stable, doing ECGs, pumping me full of fluid. I had the critical care team coming to check on me through out the stay. Throughout the day I began to feel more human, my temperature slowly came down to a slightly more normal 38 and the symptoms reduced with it other than my stomach cramps (due to inflammation of bowel and possible infection – doctors refer to it as colic which I just think of babies!!) but I have only really started eating anything now.

It goes without saying that I’m back on ALL the iv antibiotics until the blood cultures tell us to do anything otherwise. I’m on a fluid balance chart to try and ensure i get enough fluid in me, but also that I’m weeing it out (unfortunately here that involved using a bed pan for all trips to the toilet – not the most pleasant and luckily no pictures!).

Temperature has been a bit up and down, but has stayed down most of today. Last dose of chemo was yesterday, two units of blood today, so hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more energetic. Fingers crossed I will feel well enough to escape for lunch somewhere with Holly and Hayley tomorrow 🙂

One final thing to mention is how much my AIMIA work folk made me smile this morning with a video from a typical friday night out!! Made me smile lots, but also made me realise how much I miss everyone at work; so many people I get on with so well and have such a giggle with!! But overall a positive effect that came at just the right time!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Quite a fright…..

  1. Yeah I still wasn’t feeling great – Sorry i didn’t message, things kind of fall out of my head when I’m feeling rotten. Would like to see you soon, but I’m mostly lazing around at the moment!!



  2. Diana Lockyer

    So sorry to hear that you have been having such a rotten time again. I think that you might be a bit better today though still in hospital. I think of you a lot Emma. Life has been very hard for you and you face up to everything with so much courage & humour.


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