“Looking good and feeling better”……. but still no funding news!!! Gaaahh!!

Hi ya’ll

So today I went to a “look good, feel better” pamper session and it was amazing!! I recommend anyone with cancer to see if there is anywhere near by that does the sessions.


I managed to get a session with a group of younger ladies mostly suffering from breast cancer. It was great to meet some younger people as i find most patients on the oncology ward tend to be 60’s+. We were able to discuss some of our ailments but also have a giggle at the same time!

There was about 8 at the session and it was run by some of the counter staff from our local Boots. The make up was all donated by the likes of Lancome, Clinque, No7, Max factor, even bobbi brown if you were lucky!! It was matched to our skin type and we got to take it all home!! I think I got nearly £300 worth of make up and skincare products for free!!

All spruced up and my freebies!!

The make up ladies then took us through all the different stages of skin care and make up application. I learnt a few new handy tips, not just how to draw on eyebrows!! Was a great morning and I would definitely recommend it to anyone going through something similar!! Little bit of you time!

The one thing that ruined the experience for me was constantly checking my phone….waiting to see if there was any news from my CNS/Consultant about the funding as we were expecting to hear today….. and guess what…. NOTHING!!! Errghhhh I’m almost getting beyond being angry now…… The one thing that is bugging me the most though is the lack of communication, how can they just leave someone on tenterhooks like this. I believe we applied in late august/ early september?? It’s just ridiculous!!

Chemo wise I am yet to have too many adverse affects…….. Starting to feel pretty tired (although partially thats stress and anaemia) and also got some bad indigestion/reflux (although again could be caused by stress!). So overall day two done and dusted, 8 more to go!!

The size of my tiny chemo IV i have twice a day!! How potent must that be!!
The size of my tiny chemo IV i have twice a day!! How potent must that be!!

One thought on ““Looking good and feeling better”……. but still no funding news!!! Gaaahh!!

  1. Sarah Carroll

    Emma, you look gorgeous! How lovely that this kind of pampering service exists, and as always how sweet of you to be thinking of others. I’m glad you got to meet a younger bunch of ladies to share some thoughts and giggles. Lots of positive energy coming through from your blog this week- you’re a trooper, Emma!! Prayers have been said, and continue to be said.
    Lots of love, Sarah xx


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