Chemo day one and a visit from London!!

Today has been an eventful one!!

9am – I got to sign the dotted line to say “Yes, please do fill me with poison!!” after hearing the CNS list all the wonderful potential side effects – Nausea, vomitting, sore mouth, skin rash, urine discolouration, increased risk of anaemia, bleeding, life threatening infections, diarrhea, constipation, hair loss and longer term effects on the heart muscle/fertility.

Sign on the dotted line.....
Sign on the dotted line…..

10am – (Under Lottie’s instruction…) I designed my own tubigrip sweat band. So now I have two… one to wear when I’m on my stepper exercising and one to wear when chilling out! ha ha

Just do it!!!
Just do it!!!

11am – chemo time! Had my first dose of chemo and its tiny!! I forgot to take a picture of the syringe of cytarabine but it is literally the tiniest syringe ever!! I will have that twice a day for the 10 days. And the daunorubicin is a tiny red bag given over an hour. It really must be potent stuff!! I then spend the next few hours stressing about whether I was going to vomit or not, so kept myself busy on my stepper and knitting!

Gaaaahhhhh!!! Poison!!
Gaaaahhhhh!!! Poison!!

1:30pm – a mad rush to shower once I had been disconnected from various drips (I’m still on antibiotics) ready for Liz arriving. The nurses were amazing (yes I am sucking up as I know they are reading 😉 ) and sorted out all my drugs so I could get out early to meet her 🙂 Also I had my first bright red wee from the chemo (you will be pleased to know there are no photos of this, although I was tempted!)

2pm- Liz arrived and we headed into Stamford for a stroll around the shops and a bite to eat. Had a lovely lovely time 🙂 Thank you so much for travelling to see me!! And thank you to my parents for picking us up and dropping us off!!


7pm – arriving back “home” to the hospital (weird how I did actually say it was time to go home….. amazing how quick you get institutionalised!) time to put on the pj’s and have a chill out

But so far so good…… Slight loss of appetite but think that’s anxiety rather than the drugs. Just feeling really tired!! Time for bed!!!

2 thoughts on “Chemo day one and a visit from London!!

  1. Jenny

    Cool! Glad to hear you’re so positive Emma. Sounds like a good day all in all. I’ll be watching your progress with interest. Hang in there! X


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