Still no news but tomorrow we start kicking some cancer ass!!

So we STILL haven’t heard any news about funding. Apparently my case is going to be discussed again tomorrow, so fingers crossed we will hear in the next few days. Regardless of this though we are going ahead with chemo to try and kill off the cancer cells.

I am having a chemo regime called DA, for unknown reasons because the chemotherapies are actually called Danrubin and Cytarabine. Here is information about the drugs:

I will have 10 days of the two toxins and I have been told they are usually tolerated fairly well by patients, although I can expect the normal sort of chemo side effects. Not all of you will know but i do have a phobia of vomitting, so I am sure I will spend the majority of the next few days panicking and worrying about that!!

So how am I feeling about it?? Well nervous….. anxious to see how I’m going to react to the drugs and hoping I won’t feel too rotten. Excited…. not quite the right word but its a relief to be actually starting some form of treatment, it feels like progress. Scared….. the chances are this treatment will empty out my bone marrow and I won’t recover without a bone marrow transplant, and therefore if the funding gets denied or a donor doesn’t crop up I could be a little bit f*cked!!

In other news………. I’ve got a possessed PICC line! It is slowly working its way further into my arm and the doctors/nurses have no idea how. It also now isn’t bleeding very well so we might end up having to either play around with it or consider putting a new one in, which is just a pain in the ass!! I also had a lovely trip to Costa in my pyjamas this morning with Hayley (wish I’d taken a photo!) and ventured home in the evening for my dinner (salmon in ginger, garlic, soy sauce and lime with egg fried rice and lots of green veggies made by Moi – again wish I’d taken a photo). And I’m being treated to a visit tomorrow from Liz, a friend from London, excited!!

P.S I am now on Twitter so follow me!! @emmafightsmds

6 thoughts on “Still no news but tomorrow we start kicking some cancer ass!!

  1. Sarah Carroll

    Go kick ass, Emma. We’re all behind you! Fingers crossed for the right decision tomorrow. (Oh, did you hear that pyjamas were banned in Tesco some years ago? Such spoilers! Costa sounds much more fun ;)) xx


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